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    Thursday, March 9, 2017

    Watch For Following Signs Of High Blood Sugar

    Your blood sugar levels is include high, if it exceeds 200 mg/dL. In medical science, blood sugar levels are too high is called hyperglycemia. Signs your blood sugar levels are too high is the body feels tired, appetite is too high, the body weight is reduced, frequent thirst, and frequent urination. This condition occurs when the body does not have enough insulin or due to insulin resistance, a hormone released by the pancreas. Insulin serves to spread the sugar in the blood to all the body's cells to be processed into energy.

    Checking blood glucose levels regularly, it is mandatory if you have a family history of diabetes, overweight, over the age of 30 years, or have a poor diet. High blood sugar levels or hyperglycemia is a condition that will eventually damage organs.

    Normal people who do not have diabetes can also be affected by hyperglycemia, especially if she was suffering from severe pain. If your blood sugar levels exceed 350 mg / dL, you'll feel symptoms such as feeling easily agitated, decreased level of consciousness, very thirsty, unclear vision, and dizziness. Changes in skin conditions can also be seen, such as red, dry, and hot.

    In addition to suffer these things, blood sugar levels are too high, especially those who never receive treatment, it can also cause serious effects such as diabetic ketoacidosis or hyperosmolar syndrome diabetes. Additionally, you can also have an infection of the teeth and gums, skin problems, osteoporosis, kidney failure, nerve damage, blindness and cardiovascular disease.

    For people with diabetes, high blood sugar levels can be caused due to forget to consume a glucose-lowering drugs or inject insulin. In addition, stress, infection, lack of exercise, eating too many carbohydrates, or physical activity is quite heavy at the time of low insulin levels, can also cause high blood sugar. Although it is common in people with diabetes, do not underestimate your blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels are left unchecked can lead to life-threatening conditions, namely diabetic ketoacidosis (a condition in which the body can not process blood sugar).

    Anyone can experience high blood sugar, even in people who do not have diabetes though. Outside diabetics, this condition can occur in those who had a heart attack, severe infection, or stroke.

    Signs and symptoms of high blood sugar

    Increased blood sugar levels in some people may not show any symptoms. However, try to notice some of the signs below in order to prevent high blood sugar occur suddenly.
    • Body weight decreased sharply, but increased appetite.
    • Frequent thirst and dry mouth.
    • Frequent urination, especially at night.
    • Skin itching and dryness.
    • Easy to feel sleepy and tired.
    • Vision becomes blurred.
    Signs and symptoms of high blood sugar above may deteriorate if the condition is accompanied by dehydration and is not addressed immediately. As a result, the patient can be dazed, the easier drowsiness, dizziness when standing, difficulty breathing, unconscious.

    The impact of high blood sugar

    Organ damage
    Over time, high glucose levels in the blood will damage nerves and small blood vessels in the eyes, kidneys, and heart. People who have uncontrolled diabetes will experience complications such as blurred vision, numbness in the legs, kidney failure, until a heart attack, and stroke.

    Diabetic coma
    When a person with diabetes experiencing severe dehydration, and did not receive replacement fluids, he will experience life-threatening complications such as diabetic coma. This condition often occurs in people whose blood sugar levels over 600 mg / dL.

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