Olive Oil Nutrition & 11 Magnificent Health Benefits

The highest olive oil nutrition based on our daily needs is vitamin E, which in every 100 gr contain 14mg of vitamin E (that means 93% from our daily needs). Olive oil is classified into the most healthy oils, compared with oil from other materials. Another nutrient content in olive oil such as vitamin C, omega-3 and omega-6. Although the fat content is high (100gr in every 100gr of olive oil), it still remains healthy, because only 14 percent of that fat is saturated fat. The rest are unsaturated fats that are considered healthy. Because the nutritional content, then no wonder this oil from olives (Olea europaea) fruit, has a lot of benefits for health and beauty.

In fact, new evidence published in Environmental Health Perspectives showed that olive oil can also protect your body from the effects of air pollution. Researchers at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recruited three groups of middle-aged to test if eating various types of oil can fight health risks associated with air pollution.

Meanwhile a Spanish study found that, by taking four tablespoons of olive oil daily may reduce the risk of breast cancer. In this study, a total of 4200 women aged 60 to 80 years were divided into three groups, and each woman, get a different Mediterranean diet menu. The first added olive oil, were both added nuts, and the third low-fat diet. The Mediterranean diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish and meat. In further investigation after five years, it was found that women who eat a Mediterranean diet were added four tablespoons of olive oil, had a 68% lower risk for breast cancer. Four tablespoons of olive oil is added in salads, bread and also used for cooking.

Oline oil nutrition facts

The benefits of olive oil is already quite well known since ancient times. Usually people used for cosmetic use. Even as early as 400 BC, the olive has been widely used for traditional medicine. Vitamin contained in the olive fruit oil vitamin E. As is known, vitamin E has a function to prevent the risk of cancer, reduce heart disease, and can strengthen the immune system. Here is olive oil nutritional facts, which is taken from USDA database:

Olive oil benefits for health & beauty

Lowering cholesterol levels
The benefits of olive oil are often known to the public is, its ability to lower cholesterol. This oil contains a mix of antioxidants that can lower the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) while still maintaining good cholesterol (HDL) in your body. If you want to try using olive oil to lower cholesterol, you can eat two tablespoons of olive oil per day. You can mix it with the salad.

Preventing breast cancer
A study published in November 1995 and carried out on 2,564 women affected by breast cancer, confirms that there is an inverse correlation between the likelihood of breast cancer. By consuming olive oil, contribute in protecting a person against breast cancer. A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine Magazine August 1998 edition confirms that, consuming one tablespoon of olive oil daily may reduce the risk of breast cancer to the levels of 45%.

Preventing cervical cancer
Cancer British magazine published a study conducted in May 1996 of 145 Greek women, affected by cervical cancer. The researchers correlate between the women affected by cervical cancer with women who consume lots of olive oil. Apparently, women who consume olive oil less affected by cervical cancer. Where the possibility of cancer in them down to 26%.

Lowering blood pressure
Archives of Internal Medicine magazine at the March 2000 edition, published a study conducted on 27 patients affected by hypertension with blood pressure, an average of not less than 165/104 mm Hg, they regularly taking anti-hypertensive medication. The patients were divided into two groups, one eating foods that contain virgin olive oil, while the other group consuming foods containing sunflower oil. Six months later the results showed a decrease in blood pressure up to 7 points on the people who consume olive oil. While in the group that ate the sun oil, no changes in tension at all. The patients who consumed olive oil in their diet were able to reduce the dosage of hypertension medication by half, even 8 of them do not require anti-hypertensive medications during the study.

Preventing blood clots
Spanish researchers report suggesting that eating foods prepared with olive oil rich in phenol (a material that has benefits for the heart), can help prevent blood clots in people with high cholesterol. Dr. Francisco Perez-Jimenez and his colleagues from the Reina Sofia University Hospital in Cordoba, conclude that their findings provide new evidence about the health benefits of virgin olive oil. The findings are published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in August 2007 edition.

Have properties such as breast milk
In a modern study published in February 1996 at the University of Barcelona, Spain, performed on forty women who breastfeed, breast milk samples taken from them. The researchers found that most of the fat contained in milk, including single-chain type of fat. This type of fat is considered as the best fat that should be consumed by humans, and that's the kind of fat found in olive oil.

Increase libido
Since the days of ancient Rome, olive oil has been used as an aphrodisiac or compounds that can increase sexual arousal in men and women. Consuming olive oil regularly can improve blood circulation and increase the production of sex hormones.

Reduce pain due to infection
Olive oil contains a compound called oleocanthal that can alleviate the pain arising due to infection or inflammation. The effects of the compound olechantal together with the effects of ibuprofen or pain medication. Both oleochantal or ibuprofen, can suppress the production of enzymes cyclooxygenas which is the trigger pain caused by inflammation.

Improves brain function and prevent Alzheimer's
Several studies conducted by researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, suggest that olive oil is able to increase the memory capacity up to 25% of the brain and protect brain cells from damage. Olive oil is also believed to prevent Alzheimer's disease and other diseases that attack the brain.

Increase bone strength
Based on research, the olive oil consumed with food may increase the absorption of calcium in the bones and maintain bone density. Olive oil is believed to prevent osteoporosis or bone disease in the elderly.

Preventing diabetes
Diabetes is one of the causes of the high death rate in the world, and ranks sixth after heart disease and cancer. Diabetes is a disease that arises, because the body can not control blood sugar levels and cause damage to other organs. Several studies have shown that olive oil can improve insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes.

Tips to get the benefits of olive oil

There are olive oil products last three months of the production process. But there also could last up to two years. Even so, the benefits are even better if you spend no more than a year. According to the study, the levels of antioxidants in olive oil will drop dramatically after being stored for one year, although you have to keep it properly.

To get the benefits of olive oil to the maximum, we recommend that you buy olive oil can be discharged roughly in half year period. Save the packaging in a dark place, away from light, and avoid the heat. It is also recommended to store in airtight bottles or metal cans.

You can also store it in the fridge. But olive oil can change the texture and color when cooled. But you do not need to worry because it does not affect the quality of olive oil. The condition can be back to normal when olive oil was placed at room temperature.
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