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    Sunday, March 12, 2017

    Recognise Epilepsy Symptoms Since Baby

    Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain that can be suffered by anyone. Signs someone suffering from epilepsy can be seen from infancy. The main symptom of epilepsy is a seizure more than once or repeatedly. Characteristics of seizures, depending on the part of the brain that is impaired first. Although characteristics vary, most patients experience recurrent seizures with the same pattern. One sign is suspected of having epilepsy, there are brown spots on the body such as birthmarks measuring 1 to 2 centimeters. The sign there are more than six spots. Other signs that warrant concern that there is redness that almost covered part of the face in children. There are also patches on the face that resemble pimples in large quantities. Since infancy, they may also experience a sudden seizure. Seizures will stop by itself suddenly, seizures usually no more than 5 minutes.


    By definition, epilepsy is a condition that can make a person experiences repeated seizures. Damage or changes in the brain is known to cause a small percentage of cases of epilepsy. But in the majority of cases that have occurred, the cause is still not known with certainty. In the human brain there are neurons or nerve cells that are part of the nervous system. Each nerve cells communicate with each other using electrical impulses. In the case of epilepsy, a seizure occurs when the electrical impulses generated excessively that causes uncontrolled body movements.

    Seizures indeed be the main symptom of epilepsy, but not necessarily people who have seizures, certainly Epilepsy. In the medical world, a person suspected of suffering from epilepsy after suffering a seizure by more than one. The severity of seizures in each people with epilepsy is different. There were only a few seconds and some are up to several minutes. There were only having a seizure on the part of their body, and there are also experiencing a total seizure, causing loss of consciousness.

    According to WHO data, approximately 50 million people worldwide are living with epilepsy. This figure will increase by around 2.4 million annually. Figures accretion cases of epilepsy is higher in developing countries. In developed countries, cases of epilepsy increased by about 30-50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. While in countries with low per capita income, and middle, the case can be increased up to two times.

    Epilepsy symptoms

    Recurrent seizures is the main symptom of epilepsy. Characteristics of seizures will vary and depend on the affected part of the brain the first time and how much interference occurs. Based on brain disorders, epilepsy is divided into two, namely partial and general.

    Partial seizures

    In partial or focal seizures, disturbances experienced only on the part of the brain alone. Partial seizures are subdivided into two types, namely:
    1. Simple partial seizures
    At the moment of simple partial seizures, the patient does not lose consciousness. Symptoms of simple partial seizures are:

    • There was an uncomfortable feeling that is hard to describe.
    • Patients find it ever been in the same situation.
    • Patients feel the sensation of tension in the abdomen.
    • Tingling in the hands and feet.
    • Savor the taste, or smell the unusual.
    • The limbs feel stiff or even flinch.
    The symptoms above are known as a warning signal. This signal is raised to warn the patient that a seizure will occur, so people can tell on around him or move to a safer location. In simple partial seizures, the body that has a seizure depends on the part of the brain is impaired. So, seizures not only occur on the hands or feet. In fact, there are patients who do not experience physical seizures, but suffered a seizure psychic. For example, feel very excited or scared suddenly.

    2. Complex partial seizures
    When experiencing complex partial seizures, patients will experience a loss of consciousness. Patients also can not remember the seizure occurred. The symptoms of complex partial seizures are:
    • Rubbed their hands.
    • Make strange noises.
    • Gesticulate with uncontrolled.
    • Pinching clothes repeatedly.
    • Repeatedly chewing or swallowing.

    General seizures

    In generalized seizures, symptoms occur all over the body and is caused by disorders that affect the entire brain. Some of the symptoms of generalized seizures is usually the case, namely:
    • Tonic seizures. Causing the muscles to stiffen. It usually occurs in the muscles of the back, legs, and arms so that the patient vulnerable to falls and injuries.
    • Seizures atonik. Causes the muscle relaxes and the patient falls.
    • Clonic seizures. Jerky muscle movements, and repeated, usually affects the muscles of the neck, face, and arms.
    • Tonic-clonic seizures. Patients experiencing a seizure thoroughly into unconsciousness while wetting or biting the tongue.
    • Myoclonic seizures. Jerky muscle movements are short, or muscular arms and legs twitching.
    • Absence or petite mal seizures. Commonly experienced by children. Lost consciousness for a few seconds or move their lips with a blank look.
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