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    Friday, February 17, 2017

    Pineapple Benefits: Is It Safe For Pregnant Women?

    Pineapple is fruit that contains high water with delicious and refreshing taste. Not only that, because the fruit that has a bright yellow color, is also plenty of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes that are facilitate digestion, relieve stomach acid, reducing inflammation, and helps break down animal protein. One of the important pineapple benefits is helps accelerate healing muscle injuries and wounds, it is because the Bromealin content. Bromelain contained in pineapples is valuable as an anti-inflammatory, dissolve mucus, also reduce pain.

    In pineapple fruit contained 10 essential nutrients for the body, namely thiamin. Riboflavin, vitamin B-6, folate. Pantothenic acid, magnesium, manganese, potassium, antioxidants, and beta carotene. These substances are very important for the body, especially for those who are elderly. Antioxidants are also able to maintain a healthy heart and brain.

    Some say that pineapple can have a negative effect on pregnancy and vice versa. Here's an explanation of the effects that might occur in pregnant women who eat pineapple:

    Cause premature birth
    Bromealin can weaken the cervix that could potentially encourage birth too early, or premature. During the first trimester should avoid the consumption of pineapple to prevent this problem. Excessive consumption of pineapple will affect the mother's pregnancy, so it should not take the first trimester or consume little.

    Cause a miscarriage
    Young pineapple should be avoided to be eaten, because it is not good for the health of pregnant women and the fetus. If you want to consume pineapple, preferably pineapple is ripe and the amount is not too much. If eating pineapple is too young and too much, it is feared they may lead to miscarriage.

    Cause diarrhea
    Pineapple if consumed too much can cause diarrhea, because the content in it in the form of fiber. Pineapples also tend to be hard for some people who are sensitive. Diarrhea alone is not good for pregnant women because diarrhea can cause pregnant women to nutritional deficiencies if too frequent bowel movements. The fetus also be disrupted, if the mother has health problems. So pregnant women should not be too much and not too often eat pineapple.

    High sugar content
    Pineapple contains high sugar so it is not suitable for diabetics. Pregnant women also should not be too much eating pineapple, if not want the blood sugar levels rise. High sugar levels can cause a variety of diseases, triggering danger gestational diabetes, and obesity cause harm for pregnant women.

    Cause vomiting
    Eating too much pineapple can cause vomiting. Actually, if eaten in moderation or less, will be able to cope with nausea however, if too much of it can cause vomiting. Pregnant women need to keep himself from being sick so that the fetus can also be maintained health.

    Causes a rash on the skin
    For some people, eating too much pineapple can cause a skin rash or itching on the body. This may not directly affect the health of the fetus, but the effect on the expectant mother. If pregnant women feel uncomfortable body then it will indirectly affect the fetus.

    Pineapple consumption is safe for pregnant women

    Pineapple consumption for pregnant women, raises some pros and cons. Some say that pineapple is good for pregnant women, and some say that this fruit can give an adverse effect on pregnant women. Due to the condition of pregnancy and endurance every pregnant woman is different. Although in essence, pineapple can be safe for pregnant women origin in accordance with the dose consumed. Here are some safety tips kinds of eating pineapple for pregnant women:

    • Pregnant women who have gastritis should also avoid eating pineapple, because it can trigger nausea and sore. If this happens it will endanger the pregnancy.
    • Avoid consumption of pineapple in excessive amounts, even if you eat in the form of processed juice or fresh fruit.
    • Pregnant women should also not eating pineapple at the time already entered the second and third trimesters, or be able to eat in a very small amount.
    • The content of bromelain in fresh pineapple fruit, is still very high, so it's safer if pregnant women eat pineapple canned, or processed juice packaging. But pay attention to check all the ingredients in the juice packaging. Usually the content of bromelain will drop after pineapple processed or get the pasteurization process.

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