Menstrual Cramps Without Period? Read This Carefully!

On the first day of menstruation, usually almost every woman feel pain in the stomach. In fact, not infrequently also choose to stop their activities because of the pain was so intense. However, in certain circumstances, women may also experience menstrual cramps, but she does not get period. Here is the reason.

Abdominal pain during menstruation or also known as menstrual cramps are pain and spasms in the lower abdomen and back before or during menstrual period. This happens because of the contraction of the uterine lining to shed the layer. Menstrual cramps are medically referred to as dysmenorrhea.

The abdominal pain usually starts one or two days before the menstrual period and subside after two days of the first period. It is premenstrual syndrome which is normal for most women. However, if menstrual cramps happens not because of period, you should suspect a serious condition.

The first possibility when women experience pain like menstruation is pregnant. Cramps in early pregnancy is common as muscle wall of the uterus tends to create some space contraction in the uterus to the fetus. However, if the results of the pregnancy tests declared negative, menstrual cramps can be associated with several other medical conditions such below:

1. Ovarian cysts: There are two forms of cyst that had formed in the ovary, one of which is a cyst that causes the follicle can not release an egg during ovulation and continues to increase in size. These cysts usually disappear by themselves within 2-3 months. In general, these cysts are benign, but some cases of ovarian cysts require treatment.

2. Autoimmune oophoritis: This raises an inflammatory condition in which the immune system begins to attack its own cells. As a result, the ovaries shrink and harden. Reproductive hormone production drops and may even lead to infertility. In this condition, women will experience symptoms such as menstruation but no bleeding.

3. Ovarian Cancer: One cause abdominal cramps outside the menstrual period is ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is very difficult to identify because it has much in common with gejalan other health problems that are not serious, such as irritable bowel syndrome.

4. Cervical stenosis: Stomach cramps may be a symptom of cervical stenosis, a condition in the cervical opening was so narrow that it tends to restrict the flow of menstruation. The most common symptom is irregular with severe menstrual cramps before.

5. Menopause: When approaching menopause, women tend to have irregular menstrual cycles. In recent months, women may also experience stomach cramps. This is just an indication of reduced levels of reproductive hormones in the body.

Some common symptoms of ovarian cancer are pelvic pain, pressure in the lower abdomen, frequent urge to urinate, regular menstrual cycles and abnormal swelling in the abdomen. If detected in the early stages, ovarian cancer can be treated with various forms of cancer treatment such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy and others. Do not panic with the possibility of what happens in the number 1 to 4, stay calm and be sure to visit the doctor. To avoid wrong conclusions, which makes mishandled.
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Writen by: Mr Soed - Monday, February 6, 2017