List of Fruits Good For Diabetics

Many people consider, consuming fruits for diabetics is a bad idea. Fruits are often forbidden to be consumed by diabetics because of the sweetness of the fruit contains sugar. In fact, the sweet taste and the elements of glucose in fruit comes from natural sugars and have a low glycemic index. The glycemic index indicates an indicator of how quickly the food consumed affects blood sugar levels in the body. Additionally, making it viable as a diet for diabetics is the fact that fruits contain natural sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that are important for metabolism.

Fruit is a good source of carbohydrates in quantity as compared to vegetables. Another advantage is the low fat and sodium contained in fruits. Except avocados, it has very high fat content, but its good fat that needed by the body. With a low glycemic index, fruits is good for diabetics because it raises blood sugar levels slowly. This helps the body to become better at managing change after meals. 

Here's a list of fruits that good for diabetics

1. Strawberries: This fruit has a high fiber content. Strawberries are good for consumption without being treated beforehand to obtain vitamin C it contains. In addition, the benefits of strawberries is the ability to clean stains on the teeth.

2. Grapes: As fruits in general, wine is also rich in fiber. Another plus is a source of vitamin B6. This vitamin is essential to support optimal brain and hormones which in turn can affect a person's mood. To get more information you can read at grapes nutrition article.

3. Cherries: High in calcium and antioxidants, cherries eligible to be used as a diet for diabetics. Because the content of the cherries a positive impact to the diabetics immune. Even canned cherries, is still considered safe for diabetics as long as it is not packed with sugar, considering the low glycemic index of these fruits.

4. Pears: In addition to the low-carb, pears are a food source that is supported by high levels of fiber and potassium. It is enough to make the pear as a selection of fruit diet for diabetes. Besides can be consumed directly, adding this fruit into a salad is a healthy step.

5. Oranges: Oranges are a source of food rich in vitamin C. One orange is enough to meet the daily needs of the body. Oranges also contain folic acid and potassium, which can help normalize blood pressure. The fruit is fit to be the choice for diabetics, because it is low in carbohydrates and calories.

6. Apples: The old saying which states that, eating an apple a day can keep a person from the doctor was not without reason. Low in calories and carbohydrates, fiber, and a source of vitamin C that can be relied upon is part of a row of apple goodness. In fact, the skin of this fruit also contains antioxidants.

Although these fruits good for diabetics, try to eat them without added sugar. Eat fresh fruit, frozen, or canned without added sweeteners. Fruit for diabetes can also be consumed in juice form, but must fully contain fruit, without the addition of another, such as sugar or milk.
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Writen by: Mr Soed - Tuesday, February 14, 2017