4 Dangerous Side Effects Using Antibiotics For Acne

In the UK, one in five women aged 25-40 years have skin problems at some point in their lives. The cause is probably dirt and skin that is not clean. And when doctors prescribe drugs, patients often receive. However, a website that provides healthcare professionals and physicians has just proposed a halt to antibotik to treat acne. Muneeza Muhammad BA, and Ted Rosen MD in Medscape.com explained, dermatologists should severely limit or stop the routine use of antibiotics directly to skin problems.

With reason, antibiotic resistance will worsen P.acne, the bacteria that cause acne. That means doctors around the world should think more carefully with a habit of giving prescriptions to patients who have skin problems. Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is a global issue and a serious concern.

In many countries in the world, more than 50 percent of acne bacteria are resistant to antibiotics used to treat acne. And the average number continues to increase. When treating acne, doctors often recommend antibiotic treatment 4 to 6 months. But, once acne has been cleared can reappear if treatment is interrupted. Frightened by the resistance, the advice that is generally given turning to topical creams like benzoyl peroxide which can give side effects such as dry skin, taut, redness, peeling, or burning, itching and stinging.

The dangerous side effects using antibiotics for acne

1. Allergic reactions: Some antibiotics are not accepted by the body, can cause allergic reactions. Using antibiotics as acne and oily skin care will actually be dangerous. Allergic reactions to antibiotics, usually as rash and itching, to experience swelling of the eyelids and lips, even up can cause respiratory problems.

2. Causing bacteria more resistant to antibiotics: The use of antibiotics, especially in excess can actually make good bacteria in the body will be killed, thus leaving only the bad bacteria can mutate excessive. So that the use of antibiotics no longer work because of bad bacteria become resistant or resistant to antibiotics. Therefore, it takes a step how to cope with inflamed pimples.

3. Can cause acne to appear more: In the short term, antibiotic acne removal is a powerful tool in getting rid of acne. But the long-term effects, it will cause acne antibiotics appear again even with considerable amounts and getting worse. This could be due to the type of skin is not in accordance with the type of antibotik used. Therefore, it would be better if consult to determine the type of antibiotic is right for your particular skin type.

4. Disrupt the digestive system: a certain type of antibiotic consumption were an effective way to prevent acne from coming back, but have an effect on the digestive system. Especially if antibiotics are consumed are not in accordance with the doses and excessive. The side effects can lead to gastrointestinal disturbed. Some of these disorders can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. If this condition occurs, discontinue use of these antibiotics, and immediately consult your health.

The use of antibiotics for acne safely

If antibiotics are needed to treat acne, or have been on the advice of a dermatologist, it is okay to use antibiotics to relieve acne on the face. Getting rid of acne on the back and chest, obviously different ways to deal with acne on the face. Here are tips for acne treatment using antibiotics that are safe.

⇝Recommended dosage: Antibiotics are necessary to reduce the swelling of acne quickly. However, it is better to use based on the recommendation and in accordance with the prescription and use the correct dosage. Excessive use of it will cause a variety of side effects, especially on health. As an illustration, the dose given is usually already adjusted to the patient's body.

⇝Corresponding period: Using Acne antibiotics are not recommended for long term. The use of antibiotics is usually only done for 6-8 weeks. Not recommended to reuse exceeds a predetermined time period. If not stopped, many health risks that will attack and actually cause acne pus and bleeding.

⇝Select antibiotics that have been registered: In selecting an antibiotic as a way to eliminate acne rice should be observant and careful. Do not get the type of antibiotics that have not registered or illegal. Antibiotics like this usually has a fatal risk to health because the content of antibiotics. Choose antibiotic made from natural ingredients such as herbs pengihlang acne. Look for references or a trusted source before selecting a certain type of antibiotics to avoid all possibility of bad risks.

The most important thing is, always consult to the experts using it. And dont be forget, the best way to get rid of acne is using natural ways.
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Writen by: Mr Soed - Sunday, February 12, 2017