Try This Liposuction Alternatives To Lose Weight

Various new method to remove fat continue to emerge. Despite claims slim easily and quickly is very tempting, but actually, there is a cheaper and safer way to lose weight. In addition to performing liposuction or bariatric surgery, has recently launched the procedure of weight loss by doing implant a small tube in the stomach.

Through the implant was all the food we eat could be issued before the calories absorbed by the body. Critics say the method as, bulimia who received medical clearance. Of course a variety of surgeries, can help lose weight for those who feel desperate using conventional weight loss. However, the cost of which must be provided is certainly not cheap. Not to mention the risk of complications from surgery.

Actually, there are many easier, cheaper, and safer ways, to get rid of fat deposits in the body. One way that you can try is low-carbohydrate diets. The safety and effectiveness of the diet, also has a lot to do. Basically, this diet is quite effective, especially for preventing obesity and diabetes.

One study conducted on 10 obese patients suffering from diabetes type 2. For two weeks they undergo low carbohydrate diet. As a result, glucose levels returned to normal and insulin sensitivity increased to 75 percent. In various clinical obesity in the United States, known to those who reduce their intake of carbohydrates to get a double benefit; lose weight and medicine dosage was reduced, even stopped.

Sarah Hallberg, medical director of the weight loss programs on the Indiana University Health Arnett, said the low-carbohydrate diet is done by avoiding processed flour and grain. Low-carbohydrate diets also prohibit the consumption of sugary and starchy foods such as pasta, rice, potatoes, or bread. Also avoid manufacturer foods low in fat.

The food should be consumed is meat, eggs, nuts, vegetables, and healthy fats such as olive, and even butter. Research has shown that when we avoid foods containing sugar and starch, will stabilize blood sugar levels and insulin levels will go down. This increases fat burning and makes us feel fuller.

Know the type of healthy carbs

Carbohydrates during this time include the nutrients are avoided by those who want to lose weight. In fact, carbohydrates do not need to be shunned, as long as the right type. Carbohydrates consist of two types, namely simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are a source of energy that quickly processed by the body, so it can also raise blood sugar levels quickly after consumption.

Examples of simple carbohydrates include white rice, white bread, sugar, chicken porridge, corn syrup, cake, biscuits, honey, and so on. Consumption of these types of carbohydrates in excess, can cause obesity which is the tendency of the onset of diabetes.

Complex carbohydrates are the kind of healthy carbohydrates. These types of carbohydrates are one more rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Because the molecule is more complex, these carbohydrates, not quickly lead to blood sugar levels rapidly rising or have a low glycemic index. Another advantage is more filling the stomach.

Types of complex carbohydrates include oatmeal, whole wheat products, corn, brown rice, beans, sweet potatoes, bananas are not overly ripe, fruit, vegetables, and potatoes. The complex carbohydrates, can also be a selection of healthy snacks in between meals.
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Writen by: Solmob - Thursday, September 15, 2016