Do Not Underestimate Osteoporosis, Its One Of "Silent Killer"!

During this time, Osteoporosis is known as a disease of bone loss suffered by the elderly. In fact, the disease also can affect anyone. This systemic bone disease, occurs when the calcium in the bones moving towards the blood and cause the pores in the bone enlarged. The impact is, patients will experience a decrease in bone mass and bone fragility due to the structure of a smooth change.

The risk of fracture is higher, even though only due to light pressure, such as coughing. Usually fractures occur in the hip, wrist, and spine. There are two types of osteoporosis is unknown, namely primary and secondary. Primary osteoporosis is a reduction in bone mass, referring to the age and menopause. While secondary osteoporosis formed as a side effect of the disease or certain drugs.

The loss of bone mass in patients with osteoporosis, occurs on an ongoing basis and in the long term. Often without causing symptoms, which is why the disease is also called a silent epidemic killer. Various factors that lead to osteoporosis. First, it can be caused by an unbalanced lifestyle. Based on research and Fonterra in 2013, it is known that people who live in the city, especially young people with less active lifestyle, which is the tendency to sit for a long time, susceptible to osteoporosis.

The second factor is heredity and environment. Person's bone density, related to the vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism (RVD) of which 75 percent comes from the offspring. The low estrogen and testosterone in men and women also is the trigger of this disease. The third factor is the medical effects of tumors, stroke, gastrointestinal disease, and disease that causes the patient to lie long. In addition, the consumption of drugs such as anticonvulsants, glucocorticoids, and chemotherapy can cause the patient to lose weight bone mass (read also calcium deficiency).

Treatment and prevention

To prevent this silent killer is actually easy. Meet the nutritional needs, such as adjusting diet sufficient in calcium and vitamin D. People also need to start a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced nutritious diet and regular exercise (more info read at calcium rich foods). Though terrible, it is not likely the patient can stop, and restore the bone is porous. Short-term treatment, such as hormone replacement therapy, can help maintain bone mass.

Other solutions can be done via the stem cell treatment. The ability of stem cells to differentiate as new tissues and organs is the main capital of healing in this method. Currently, the application of such methods of healing, can be found at Stem Cells Meyo Hospital Guangzhou, China. The treatment process involves injecting stem cells, through the intervention of the arteries around the  patients lesion.

Once entered in the patient's body, stem cells play a role in stimulating tissue repair and provoke the growth of new blood vessels. Systematically, stem cells also will issue new cells, and balance the immune system. With the renewal of cells and tissues of bone loss and broken, it will form a more solid bone tissue and other tissues are complementary. Optimistic, this treatment can restore osteoporotic bone strength while enhancing the quality of their lives.
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Writen by: Solmob - Tuesday, September 6, 2016