Use These Methods On Weaning From Breastfeeding

Weaning from breastfeeding can be an emotional time, not only for babies, but also for the mother. Not only because then there will be changes in the way the baby get the nutrients, but especially because most babies find rest with direct suckling from his mother's breast. Not easy to find a way to keep the baby feel loved, although no longer breastfeeding. Here are two questions that appear most frequently on how to wean the child, and answer.

When is right time for baby led weaning ?

Depending on the choice of each mother. First six months of the baby's life is the recommended time for the baby to get exclusive breastfeeding. Once the baby gets nutrition from breastfeeding and complementary feeding. In general, a period of nursing mothers until the baby is two years old. At one year of age, babies begin to drink from a cup and started looking for other ways to get comfort. Instead of breast milk, you can give solid foods rich in vitamin C, iron, and calcium. Foods in question include cheese, pureed vegetables, cereals, and fruit mixed with breast milk or milk.

Some experts describe some signs baby begins to be weaned, among others, they are able to sit with their head in a long time, the coordination of the eyes, mouth, and his hands start working so well that they can pick up and put solid food into the mouth. Although it may not always be the benchmark, but common signs following, can characterize the baby may already be weaned.

If the baby to suckle directly from the breast:
  • Refused to suckle.
  • Sucking nipples a couple of times and then stops feeding.
  • When feeding, they often noticed around, wanted to get off lap, or play with your clothes.
  • Interested drink from a cup.
If he had consumed milk bottle:
  • Distanced bottle is not empty.
  • Sucking on a pacifier for a while, then keep it away.
  • Interested drink from a cup.

When to start baby weaning?
How to get started depends on the needs and character of each child and the mother. It is important to know the signs of a child can be weaned as described above. The following guide can be a common benchmark for weaning:
  • Start out slowly. Starting a gradual weaning is not only beneficial for the child, but also for you. Reducing the frequency of breastfeeding is slowly going to make breast milk is reduced gradually. Gently reduction is important to reduce the risk of breast swelling and pain.

  • It would be easier to start a weaning during the day, because the child usually feeding in the morning and at night for comfort. How to wean the child may begin gradually to stop breast-fed during the day, replacing them with solid food, but still breastfeeding at night.

  • Start by replacing the timing of breast feeding with milk bottles or cups in one day. Keep follow the same schedule during the week. Then the following week, add a time when you bottle-feed, and reduce breastfeeding directly. Infants aged one year and above may be given cow's milk instead of breast milk.

  • If the baby is used to breastfeeding before bed, try to put him to bed without feedings gradually. Create another delightful moments before bed, like read fairy tales or listening to music. Make them feel comfortable with fixed hugged or petted.

  • In addition to stopping breastfeeding directly, furthermore, the child should also stop taking milk bottle to avoid tooth decay. Avoid letting the baby sleep, crawl, or walk with a bottle everywhere.

  • Start using a cup more often than bottled. Put more water in the cup than in the bottle. Alternatively, place the child's favorite beverage into the cup, and place the beverages they did not like in the bottle. For example put milk and juice (for babies over 6 months) into the cup, and only mineral water in bottles.
  • Hug and touch children more often, so they does not feel neglected after not breastfed.
  • Involve other family members, such as fathers. Let the child interacts with their father when they wanted to suckle.
Weaning good for mothers, especially those who want to have more children, because by stopping these activities could facilitate the process of pregnancy. But the cessation of breastfeeding can cause breast swelling and pain. You can suppress it by compressing the breast with ice. 

On the other hand, a way to wean the child the right to be effective, you should delay weaning if:
  • Children's risk of developing allergies if eat food or drink other than breast milk. For the same reason, breast milk is recommended given at least until the baby is six months old.
  • If you or your child is sick, or if the child is teething, as this may make weaning more complicated.
  • If you having a big change condition, such moving house or traveling in the long term, because it can make the child experience stress.
The most important thing when weaning is, focusing on the comfort of the baby and yourself. No need to worry about comparing yourself with other people because each experience is unique. You may have its own deadline on when children should no longer suckle, but it would be better to be flexible to the deadline.
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Writen by: Solmob - Tuesday, August 23, 2016