How To Gain Weight Fast & Healthy? Read This First!

When other people want to lose weight, you are just the opposite, adding weight. Having a thin body is not always pleasant. This can be a problem, if the cause is a lack of nutrients or a particular disease. Not to mention if the condition can worsen when you are pregnant. But there are healthy ways that can be taken so that you can gain weight. Fast or slow these methods successfully implemented, depending on the circumstances of each person, as well as how to implement it.

The best way to gain weight depends on what is causing your weight is reduced. So before starting a weight gain program, first check whether your weight is located below the normal weight by calculating your body mass index. If your weight is less than it should be, then maybe you need medical treatment.

Some conditions that can cause your body weight is reduced from normal, among others:
  • Hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid gland.
  • Celiac disease that makes the body unable to absorb nutrients from food.
  • Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa.
  • People who suffer from diseases above require treatment from a doctor and a psychiatrist if needed.

Getting a healthy weight

Apart from medical disorders above, you want to gain weight in a healthy manner, can follow the guide below.
  • Choose healthy foods rich in nutrients: The best way to get a fuller body is not to consume as many fatty foods and high sugar yield, but choose healthy foods with minerals, vitamins, and proper nutrition. Eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and lean protein sources such as tofu, tempeh, and skinless chicken.

  • Eat more often: People who are underweight often feel full quickly. Instead of eating two to three times a day in large portions, better to eat 5-6 times a day in portions smaller.

  • Consuming juices or smoothies: Smoothies are fruit-based drinks mixed with milk or yogurt and other ingredients together and blend. Avoid soft drinks, coffee and other soft drinks that contain no nutrients. You can also switch your snack with a glass of fresh juice.

  • Consuming snacks: On the sidelines of the main dining hours, the consumption of nutritious snacks such as palm fruit, boiled corn, soybeans, avocados or salad. As much as possible, limit foods that are processed by frying in oil immersion.

  • Add calories: Add your calories in each meal. Sprinkle grated cheese on bread from whole grains, or an omelet in your chicken soup. Nevertheless, be careful in choosing a food additive in calories, so that no excess glucose or unhealthy fats in the body.

  • Drinking during meals or 30 minutes after meals: Drink plenty of water before meals can make full body. Conversely, drinking in the middle of a meal, or 30 minutes after making the body can absorb more calories.

  • Familiarize yourself to exercise: strength training exercise can increase weight loss by setting up your muscles. In addition, exercise is also beneficial to arouse the appetite. Aerobics,  weight lifting, riding a stationary bike, swimming, and running is a sport that can be tried. Combine exercise with the consumption of drinks that are rich in protein, such as low-fat chocolate milk. These drinks can be consumed before bedtime.

  • Adequate rest periods: Lack of sleep quality and potentially make the body's metabolism can not work properly. Sleep and wake up on time can increase body weight.

Healthy foods for weight gain

According to an expert on diet, in addition to calories, foods for weight gain should be rich in nutrients. Eating fatty and high-calorie foods, will lead to weight gain with risks that threaten health. Below are some guidelines in updating the diet by balancing the nutrients from foods healthy weight gain. Let's find out together, it may be appropriate to your diet.

High-calorie foods with little volume
Get rid of all foods labeled "low calorie". Try to eat more foods for weight gain small volume, like salmon which is a fatty fish. Try also select higher-calorie breads such as bagels or muffins for breakfast menu. As a snack, you can choose oatmeal cookies or frozen yogurt.

Foods rich in nutrients
Here are some examples of high nutrient content foods for weight gain
  • Nuts are rich in protein foodstuffs and fibers with 150-200 calories per 28 gram. Besides being able to be consumed directly, nuts can be consumed as an addition to soups and salads. Likewise, peanut butter can be smeared on the bread.

  • Certain fruits, such as avocados are of medium size, can contain 300 calories, while the mango has about 130 calories, so it can also be a food for weight gain. Dried fruit, such as banana chips, contain about 147 calories per 28 gram. Can also consume other dried fruit, such as raisins and dates. In addition, the fruit can also be consumed in juice form as an interlude between main meal times. You can also add other ingredients, such as yogurt, milk, peanut butter, and cream.

  • Vegetables contain high levels of fiber and nutrients. Medium baked potato contains approximately 159 calories, while a cup of corn contains about 156 calories.

  • Red meat is a food for weight gain is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals.

  • Eggs can be instrumental in helping build muscle, and rich in vitamins, so it can also be a food good for weight gain.

  • Healthy oils can help improve muscle formation and promote weight loss, such as canola oil and olive oil. One tablespoon of olive oil contains at least 120 calories and can be combined with a variety of other foods.

  • Replace white rice with brown rice or whole wheat bread.

  • In addition, the calories can also be added easily by adding ingredients such as cheese.
In addition to determining the types of foods for weight gain, it is also important to improve diet. Sometimes a person's weight is less than optimal due to irregular eating patterns. As a solution, from the start now committed to eating three times a day, each containing at least 500 calories and consumption of 100-200 calorie snacks, especially between meals and after dinner.

A diet experts even advise to eat six times a day or three hours. But avoid eating snacks that make you too full to eat the main meal. Additionally, gradually, the added capacity of the portion of food that can be handled in one meal intestine.

It is also important, in addition to trying a variety of foods for weight gain, it is also important to consult a doctor or nutritionist to find the cause of the lack of weight gain. This condition can be caused by genetic or hereditary factors, strenuous physical activity, certain diseases, depression, and certain drugs that can make nausea and vomiting.
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