Iron Deficiency Could Causes Hair Loss

Concerns for continuous hair loss often make us try various types of hair care products. In fact, it could be the cause of hair loss is the lack of nutrition, especially iron rich foods. Research shows that people who experience hair loss have iron stores less than people with healthy hair. Anemia is also associated with hair loss.

Nevertheless, do not arbitrarily take iron supplements. According to the Iron Disorders Institute, the excess iron can be toxic and can lead to more hair loss. Iron is a mineral in the body that is mainly found in hemoglobin, the protein forming red blood cells and carries oxygen to cells throughout the body. Your doctor will determine whether we suffer from anemia or not to check the levels of hemoglobin. Iron deficiency can cause anemia.

To meet the need of iron, it is advisable to get it through food rather than supplements. Iron that we need every day about 8 milligrams for men aged over 18 years and 18 milligrams for women over 18 years. Men and women aged over 50 are advised to consume 8 mg of iron each day.

Food sources of iron are divided into two types, namely heme iron and non-heme iron. Heme iron is found in animal sources such as meat, chicken, tuna, and turkey. Iron is more easily absorbed by the body. While the non-heme iron found in plants such as beans, spinach, and fortified cereals. Vitamin C and protein meat will increase calcium absorption. Below are another nutrition or foods that can prevent hair loss.

Foods to prevent hair loss

Fish, eggs and nuts: Our hair is basically made up of protein, which is why high-protein foods is recommended to maintain healthy hair. Choose lean protein, such as fish, chicken, eggs, almonds, yogurt, or tofu. Foods high in fat will create hormone testosterone levels in men decreases the impact on hair loss.

Iron: Iron plays an important role in making hemoglobin, the blood that carries oxygen to all organs and tissues of the body. When we are good levels of hemoglobin, the oxygen can be distributed perfectly. This means, the circulation of blood can get to the root of the hair, which will stimulate hair growth. Add foods containing iron in your diet everyday. Foods such as eggs, green vegetables, raisins, and whole grain cereals, are good sources of iron. Besides the consumption of vitamin C because this vitamin increases the body's ability to absorb iron.

Seafood: Men who experience hair loss are known to have a zinc deficiency in the body. Zinc plays a role in many bodily functions, ranging from cell production to balance hormones, and these functions affect hair growth. In addition, zinc plays a role in hair glands that "binding" hair roots. If we are short of zinc, so weak hair follicles so the hair is separated from its roots. To overcome this, the consumption of foods containing zinc, such as red meat, poultry, nuts, shellfish, or shrimp.

Hair loss is generally a part of the body's natural reaction because of aging so it does not harm your health. Therefore, these disorders rarely require medical treatment. But if the hair loss reached alarming levels, you should begin to prepare a strategy for hair loss treatment that is appropriate.
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Writen by: Mr Soed - Tuesday, September 8, 2015