Folic Acid Benefits & Functions For Our Health

Functions and benefits of folic acid is quite a lot, among other functions on the red blood cells, the function of the DNA, the benefits for pregnant women, menstrual symptoms, body tissue growth, prevention of birth defects, brain function, heart, hair growth and so on. Folic acid or vitamin B9 is known as one of the eight vitamins are included in the group of vitamin B. Folic acid is a water soluble vitamin and is needed to form healthy new cells. Based on the scientific results we can say that, folic acid is a vitamin which is the most studied of the group of vitamin B. The studies prove the importance of folic acid and a variety of health benefits.

Folic acid is associated with a healthy pregnancy. This acid is a great energy and also increases the production of red blood cells. Folic acid foods such as asparagus, beans, oranges, whole grain products, broccoli, cabbage, spinach etc really provide a sufficient amount of acid to fill the shortage of vitamins and problems associated with it. Folic acid actually has no side effects, it is said to be a substance that is safe for consumption for health benefits. Folic acid is also important in protein metabolism and prevention of anemia. Therefore, folic acid is said to be very important for pregnant women and prevention of various medical conditions including severe Spina bifida, which is a disease of severe spinal cord-is found in infants.

Folic acid functions

Red blood cells: In addition to iron and vitamin B12, folic acid is also needed in the formation of red blood cells. Red blood cells play an important role for the body because the duty pick up oxygen in the lungs and circulate throughout the body and also picks up carbon dioxide in the body to drain back through the lungs. By eating plenty of folic acidic foods, it will create red blood cells for the body. Such as the use of specially fortified cereals volat acid or vitamin B9, then in red blood cells was folat acid levels will increase.

DNA: Since the function of folic acid that plays a role in the body's cells, therefore folic acid plays an important role in the repair of DNA in your body. Thus folic acid deficiency can cause growth of some cancers. When someone taking folic acid on a special diet (supplements), it will prevent them from the impact of vitamin B9 deficiency is a problem in the large intestine. Where is the problem in the large intestine can also cause cancer. So it is necessary for you to consume foods that contain lots of folic acid.

Folic acid benefits

Brain function: When a brain disorder, then someone could be depression or other cognitive disorders. For that folic acid is useful to optimize brain function. In the elderly, folic acid acts to prevent the occurrence of dementia and memory loss of memory in the brain. Research has shown that those who consume folic acid at least in their 50s for 3 years is able to compensate for those aged 40 years in a memory problem on a test in the Netherlands.

Heart: Defects in the heart as a result of congenital or genetic birth is rare. In the research has proven, heart defects can be reduced if at the time of pregnancy, many pregnant women take multivitamins that contained folic acid in it. Although the correlation can not be measured clearly, but by taking supplements of folic acid in pregnant women are able suppressed than those who did not consume folic acid in sufficient quantities.

Growth of body tissues: For functions that have been described as the formation of DNA, folic acid also plays an important role in the growth of body tissues. There is a link between folic acid with the formation of body tissues that have been damaged. In fact, animal studies show that the use of folic acid helps for healing spinal cord tissue but is also expected to have the same benefits in humans.

Hair Growth: Folic acid was able also as a therapy for hair growth. Because the function that can make the network formation can grow hair. At a special study said that folic acid can treat hair loss. With regular consumption of folic acid means preventing hair loss. For example, in men who have lived experience hair loss on the head, hair loss on the body, can be treated with the use of folic acid in their daily consumption. Folic acid recommended amount of 400 mcg per day. Can be obtained on cereals, vegetables, and fruits. If you've been eating these foods still experiencing hair loss, you can consume folic acid supplements are directly listed more than 400 mcg pertablet / capsule.

Menstrual symptoms: The Benefits of folic acid has previously been discussed, namely as a shaper of red blood cells. Thus it can help the symptoms of menstruation and consequently the symptoms of anemia in women. In some women, very heavy menstrual passed. Quite a lot of blood loss from the usually bad for the body. Usually your doctor will recommend or prescribe folic acid which is therein.

Benefits for pregnant women: Compared with previous benefits, folic acid is more known to be useful for pregnant women. Folic acid prevents birth defects of the brain and spinal cord. For pregnant women in the study are encouraged to consume folic acid 400 mcg to 600 mcg. Sometimes compliance is not as stable as nausea pregnant women tend to consume natural foods that contain this vitamin B9. So that compliance can be achieved by drinking milk that is specific to pregnant women.

Prevention of birth defects: One of the folic acid benefits is to prevent birth defects. Since it has been proven in studies that the use of folic acid during pregnancy is beneficial to prevent neural tube defects that affect the spine and brain. Research was continued decrease in infants with birth defects as much as 2% are still experiencing birth defects than those who did not consume folic acid can be up to 6%. Even in the United States, birth defects reached only 60 infants 1000 new births. This figure is quite small communities already conscious to consume folic acid.
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Writen by: Mr Soed - Friday, September 4, 2015