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    Saturday, August 8, 2015

    Studies On The Amazing Benefits of Grapes

    During this time, many people who know the grapes just as good to eat fruit, without knowing the health benefits. Did you know, eating grapes at the same time the seeds proved to be much more efficacious because antioxidants that can reduce the risk of skin cancer? Not to mention that grapes nutrition contain a lot of antioxidants. If you want to have a slim body and maintain a healthy weight ideal, it is advisable to regularly eat grapes. Kee-Hong Kim and Jung Yeon Kwon, two scientists from Purdue University in the Journal of Biological Chemistry reported that compounds in grapes called piceatannol have the ability to block immature fat cells to grow and develop.

    Researchers say, piceatannol has a similar structure to resveratrol - a compound found in grapes and peanuts are expected to help fight cancer, heart disease and neurodegenerative diseases. According to scientists, piceatannol might be an important weapon against obesity. Resveratrol is converted to piceatannol in humans after consumption.

    Research conducted by Silvia Finnemann, PhD, (Department of Biological Science from Fordham University, New York) shows, the grapes have the ability to slow or prevent the onset of macular degeneration due to aging (age-related macular degeneration / AMD). Macular degeneration is a condition in which the macula decline resulting in decreased visual acuity and is likely to cause loss of central vision functions. The macula is the most vital part of the retina that allows the eye to see fine details at the center of the field of view.

    Researchers believe that antioxidants work contained in grapes have a protective effect. The findings are published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine. In the study, researchers conducted experiments to mice fed a diet rich in antioxidants (grape). Then the researchers looked at the impact of changes in vision function of mice, which is susceptible to retinal damage. Results showed that the consumption of grapes give a dramatic protective effect. A diet high in grapes can prevent oxidative damage to the retina and blindness in mice.

    Even in a variety of studies reveal, in addition to rich in antioxidants, grapes potential to be developed as anticancer natural remedies, especially dampen skin cell abnormalities caused by exposure to sunlight. This means that like skin and flesh, grape seeds also contain efficacious compounds. That's the conclusion of researchers from the University of Alabama, USA, on mice.

    In this research, a group of hairless mice exposed to ultraviolet light (UV). Some were given extra food (extract) contains a chemical derived from grape seeds (grape seed proanthocyanidins / GSPs), while the other mice given normal food without supplements. Based on observations and the results of laboratory tests, mice were given an additional extract enough GSPs react positively and effectively inhibit the adverse effects of UV, which can trigger carcinogenic substances (triggers cancer). The tumor in the body of the mice were 78 percent smaller than those not given the grape seed extract.

    Meanwhile, in the presentation delivered Dr Santosh K Katiyar in an annual conference of the American Chemical Society, mentioned that GSPs have active antioxidant. As is known, UV rays can inhibit the immune system and the problem can be avoided thanks to the GSPs. He suggests the consumption of extract GSPs regularly as a daily supplement to improve the body's immunity against free radicals while reducing risk and avoiding the dangers of skin cancer.

    While researchers Shiuan Chen PhD from the Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope explains that grape juice (with seeds) effectively suppress the growth of cancer cells by preventing the synthesis of the hormone estrogen plays a major role in the development of breast cancer.

    Through laboratory tests, fruit juices and grape seed proved able to stop the production of estrogen in the cells. Recent research using mice planted with tumor cells showed that tumor size of mice given 0.5 milliliters of grape juice for five weeks only a third of which were not given the grape juice. A study last year showed that red wine extract (not white wine) contain compounds similar to those in the grape juice and can suppress estrogen formation.
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