Side Effects of Green Tea On These Conditions

Some people prefer to consume green tea to get the health benefits that have been tested. Although it has many benefits, you should limit the amount of green tea consumption. Moreover, if under certain conditions, the side effects of green tea turned out to give a negative effect on health. Green tea is claimed to have many benefits for the body. Some of them are destroying evil fats in the body and reduce free radicals in the body due to high content of antioxidants. The most well-known benefit is to lose weight.

A nutritionist said, the antioxidants in green tea (catechins), is the highest among other teas. Catechin is what helps the body increase metabolism. Although usefulness is very much for the body, but experts do not advise to rely on green tea when I want to lose weight. Because green tea is only served as one of the factors supporting or booster to help destroy bad fats. If not supported by the improvement of a healthier diet, the diet program would not be successful.

In the green tea compounds also contained tannin. These tannins will cause a diuretic effect (flavor to urinate constantly). The more you drink green tea, the more fluid removed and you will be limp. Ideally, drinking green tea is about 2-3 cups a day. And you also should not replace water intake with green tea. Tea has long been known as a healthy beverage for the body. Behind the various types of tea are popping up, green tea is one type of tea that has many fans. Unfortunately, drinking green tea could actually bring some side effects to the health of the body on several conditions below.
  • If you are taking any medications or under the supervision of medical, avoid consuming green tea. Because green tea will have a different way of working on the body if you are taking antibiotics or hormones tonic. As a result, the health of your kidneys may be interrupted.

  • Although many contain antioxidants in it, but the excessive consumption of green tea could lead to disruption of hormone secretion by glands in the body. You should drink green tea is not more than 2-3 cups a day.

  • The high caffeine content in green tea should you watch out for. Too much caffeine can disrupt the normal function of your mental that leads to anxiety or mood swings are not uncommon.

  • Tannins substance contained in green tea stimulates the stomach to secrete more acid. Although this effect is not too serious, but drinking green tea can be dangerous for those who have problems with stomach acid.

  • In addition, the tannins are also sometimes able to affect the blood's ability to absorb essential nutrients. This particularly happens in the absorption of iron in the blood. A study showed that green tea consumption is excessive, resulting in a decrease in iron absorption by 20% -25%.

  • Pregnant women should not consume green tea. Because again, a high caffeine content in green tea can harm fetal brain's ability to develop.

  • As well as coffee, green tea has caffeine content is quite high. So it is fitting to avoid excessive consumption of green tea. The result will experience anxiety and difficulty to sleep or insomnia.
So it is green tea gives a lot of benefits for health, but you should also still in recommended consumption, to avoid those side effects.
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Writen by: Mr Soed - Friday, August 7, 2015