Our Habits That Can Reduce Calcium Absorption

Calcium is a mineral that the body needs in large quantities to maintain a healthy body. The benefits of calcium is to maintain bone density, maintain heart rhythm, nerve impulse transmission, muscle contraction, blood pressure control, and plays a role in blood clotting process. Unfortunately, calcium included in the mineral can not be fully absorbed in the body. Consumption of calcium from food can only be absorbed approximately 70 percent by the body, while the supplement is only about 30 percent.

The amount of calcium that is absorbed can be smaller again due to some less conscious habits. There are some particular habits that impact on the decrease in the body's ability to absorb calcium, among others:

1. Alcohol consumption: Alcohol consumption is significant in reducing the body's ability to absorb calcium consumed. Even moderate alcohol consumption can affect the dose is large enough.

2. Coffee consumption: Almost the same as the consumption of alcohol, coffee may block the absorption of calcium in the body. Then coffee consumption should be no more than one cup per day, and drink do after mealtime.

3. A diet less in calcium: Absorption body can not be 100 percent, require people to consume more calcium. Lack of calcium from foods can aggravate deficiency in the body.

4. Excessive exercise: Excessive exercise makes bones extra work that requires more calcium. If we are not able to increase the consumption of calcium, your body will take it from the bones.

5. Consumption of steroid drugs: Drugs steroids are consumed in the long term will result in the body are deficient in calcium. That is because steroids can menghalani calcium absorption in the body.

6. Diets high in salt: Salt is one of the ingredients that block the absorption of calcium. High-salt diet also increases the risk of hypertension associated with calcium deficiency.

7. High-protein diet: Just as salt, protein also can block the absorption of calcium. Although protein is required for the growth and regeneration of cells, but should be consumed balanced as needed.

Tips to increase calcium absorption

Calcium deficiency can lead to stunted growth in height. However, consuming excessive amounts of calcium are also not good for health. Research shows that too much calcium tends to increase the risk of prostate cancer and kidney stones. 

Therefore, it is advisable to consume calcium effectively to maximize height without ignoring the health factor. In addition, by consuming calcium should also be appropriate, in order to maximize the absorption of calcium by the body. Here are some tips to help increase calcium absorption.

  1. It certainly avoid habits that could interfere with the absorption of calcium which have been mentioned above.

  2. Try to consume calcium from natural sources and not synthetic. Because natural resources are healthier and easily absorbed. Natural sources include milk, cheese, fish, etc.

  3. Do not consume high amounts of calcium in one swallow. Preferably a little in one day. Drinking half a glass of milk as much as four times better than drinking two glasses of milk at once. Because it is more easily absorbed by the body. Remember! Intestines, have limited ability to absorb nutrients. If you consume two glasses of milk at the same time there is a tendency most nutritional wasted because only partially absorbed by the intestine is capable of. Especially if you are experiencing stomach pains, then the absorption ability is also reduced.

  4. Avoid smoking. Because it can dispose of the body's calcium supply. Moreover, also avoid consuming 3 other foods that may inhibit the body improvement program that will follow.
Calcium should be in synergy with vitamin D. Because the vitamin D can help calcium absorption useful for forming and maintaining bone density and teeth. And don't forget that always keep update  information about calcium rich foods.
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Writen by: Mr Soed - Thursday, August 13, 2015