Protein Value In Every Each Egg Types

Do you know that in each egg contain different protein value? For example, an egg of duck has lower protein content compared with goose egg. Even there are so many protein source beside eggs (especially for vegetarian), you can found at high protein snacks post. But for you that choose eggs as protein source, here are the list of protein in an every egg types. The data taken from USDA Nutrient database, so it should be valid.

Protein value in every egg

Description Weight(g) Measure Protein (g)
Per Measure

Egg, duck, whole, fresh, raw 70.0 1.0 egg 8.97

Egg, goose, whole, fresh, raw 144.0 1.0 egg 19.97

Egg, quail, whole, fresh, raw 9.0 1.0 egg 1.17

Egg, turkey, whole, fresh, raw 79.0 1.0 egg 10.81

Egg, white, dried 28.0 1.0 oz 22.71

Egg, white, dried, flakes, stabilized, glucose reduced 28.35 1.0 oz 21.81

Egg, white, dried, powder, stabilized, glucose reduced 107.0 1.0 cup, sifted 88.17

Egg, white, dried, stabilized, glucose reduced 107.0 1.0 cup, sifted 90.55

Egg, white, raw, fresh 33.0 1.0 large 3.60

Egg, white, raw, frozen, pasteurized 28.0 1.0 oz 2.60

Egg, whole, cooked, fried 46.0 1.0 large 6.26

Egg, whole, cooked, hard-boiled 136.0 1.0 cup, chopped 17.11

Egg, whole, cooked, omelet 15.0 1.0 tbsp 1.59

Egg, whole, cooked, poached 50.0 1.0 large 6.26

Egg, whole, cooked, scrambled 61.0 1.0 large 6.09

Egg, whole, dried 85.0 1.0 cup, sifted 41.11

Egg, whole, dried, stabilized, glucose reduced 85.0 1.0 cup, sifted 40.94

Egg, whole, raw, fresh 50.0 1.0 large 6.28

Egg, whole, raw, frozen, pasteurized 28.0 1.0 oz 3.37

Egg, whole, raw, frozen, salted, pasteurized 28.0 1.0 oz 3.07

Egg, yolk, dried 67.0 1.0 cup, sifted 22.60

Egg, yolk, raw, fresh 17.0 1.0 large 2.70

Egg, yolk, raw, frozen, pasteurized 28.35 1.0 oz 4.35

Egg, yolk, raw, frozen, salted, pasteurized 28.35 1.0 oz 3.99

Egg, yolk, raw, frozen, sugared, pasteurized 28.35 1.0 oz 3.93

What does protein do?
Protein plays an important role for the human body, there are at least seven major function of the protein to sustain human life. Keep in mind Proteins are very important molecules in cells that are in our bodies. Protein is needed in almost every cell of the human body. Each protein has a specific function in the body. Proteins have different roles between the one with the other. There is a role for the movement of the body and for antibodies against germs. Proteins vary in structure and function. They are built from a set of 20 amino acids and has a different three-dimensional shapes. Here is a list of several types of proteins and their functions.

Although there are various functions of the proteins of the body, it can be concluded on a large number of different types of proteins, half of the protein body contains only four of the structure of collagen protein, actin, and myosin, and also the oxygen transport protein, hemoglobin. Protein is distributed to the various organs of the body, with the highest number (approximately 40%) in muscle tissue. In addition to driving and working power, muscle protein also contain amino acids that can be mobilized when there is stress. Muscle proteins have different forms, such as glycogen, or fat, and muscle protein deficiency will affect protein function.

The function of the muscle tissue is giving a lower priority than the function of the stomach tissues, such as liver and intestine, the protein content of approximately 10%. and Approximately 30% of the body's protein found in skin, blood, and both skin lesions and the impact effect on protein deficiency anemia. Some proteins such as collagen would be destroyed in the event of future nutritional deficiencies in the body, this happens not because protein is less important but the type of protein is very easily damaged.

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