Tips To Choose The Right & Best Vitamins For Skin

Many types of vitamins that can help nourish and care for the skin. However, the requirement of vitamin for each person is different. Everyone's skin type is different, makes the need for vitamins was not the same. To determine the type of vitamin is needed, we need to recognize our own skin type. When there is a deficiency or abnormal skin is known, can be identified also the type of vitamin is needed. In addition, the age factor can also be a differentiator. A person's age affect the consumption of vitamins for the skin. Vitamins are useful for the skin is actually very much. However, only vitamin A, C, and E are in general required a person's skin. These three vitamins were then most commonly found in skin care products.

Vitamin A has a function to regenerate the skin, so it is found in many anti-aging products. While vitamin C, contain substances that function counteract free radicals. And, usually contained in many products used in cosmetic creams during the day. Then, vitamin E has the function of stimulating collagen. These types of vitamins that make skin supple and moist.

Vitamin be used as the basis of some cosmetics. One is a serum that is currently being heavily encroached upon the manufacturer. Serum formed based vitamins to benefit the rich. Others, such as blemish balm cream or known as BB cream containing vitamin C and other types. Vitamin always used for cosmetic because it takes the skin. Thus, wearing cosmetics containing vitamin is not problematic in proportion. Use a lot or a little, it will not cause irritation when used on the right skin type.

Although it has many benefits, vitamin also can be the enemy of the skin. Especially, for vitamin E that are prone to oily skin. For the owner of oily skin, its moisture tend to be excessive. When given an injection of vitamin E again, automatic humidity will open the pores. Thus, acne on the face can not be avoided. Even aside from acne, it will also make the skin more oily. In contrast, vitamin E is actually good for those who have skin tends to dry.

Cosmetics that contain vitamin A, usually packed in the form of a night cream. Thus, should be worn at night. For products high in vitamin C, can be taken twice a day, namely in the morning and afternoon. It is light and as an antidote, is very beneficial for skin health. As for vitamin E, usually packed in products that keep the skin moist. The use of vitamin does not rely on climate somewhere. This is due to the skin have a process to adapt. Skin treated with vitamin product still requires the intake of vitamin through food. Our skin takes care of the two sides. The best treatment for the skin he suggested going on internally and externally. Both should be balanced.
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Writen by: Mr Soed - Monday, May 4, 2015