What Causes Nausea After Eating & How To Get Rid Of It

Sense of nausea after eating experienced by many people, even accompanied by vomiting. Although anyone can have the same experience, it turns out the cause of the nausea is diverse. There is a glut or even just because this is a symptom of a serious disease. There are several possible causes experienced when we feel nauseous after eating.

Nausea after eating, can be a symptom of the disorder may be a sign of a disturbance (illness) are more serious. Nausea is a condition that refers to feelings of discomfort before vomiting, but does not always lead to vomiting. Nausea after eating due to them for various reasons, such as eating certain foods, eating contaminated food and also eat too fast etc. This may occur both in children and adults.

If these symptoms persist, then you should get to the doctor for further treatment. Nausea may be related to some other diseases either mild or serious. Eating foods that are difficult to digest or acute gastroenteritis is the biggest cause of the symptoms of nausea after eating. Nausea after eating can be caused also by a virus in the gut, and can also be due to drinking too much alcohol.

Causes of nausea after eating

1. The content of the food as well as pregnant symptoms
content of food can also be a cause, some foodstuffs are not suitable for some people and cause digestion is not going well. In the first half of pregnancy, pain or nausea after eating is very common. So you can say feel nauseous after eating can be a sign of pregnancy.

2. Eating in a hurry
Eating foods quickly, can cause nausea after eating. Weight and fat meal also can tend to make people sick after eating. In some people, nausea may also occur due to eating too frequently or maintaining long intervals between meals, in addition to other causes such as viral gastroenteritis and pregnancy.

3. Food poisoning
Nausea is also caused due to food poisoning, food allergies or, in such cases, patients may also experience headaches, body aches, fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain or cramping and vomiting. People who are more susceptible to severe symptoms of food poisoning include those who have weak immune systems, the elderly and children.

4. GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)
gastroesophageal reflux disease (gerd) conditions that can lead to a condition in which the excesses levels of stomach acid that causes nausea after eating. Some of these symptoms can be controlled by antacids, but only in certain cases it can be done.

5. Blockage of the small intestine
A blockage in the small intestine is the most serious cause to feel nauseous after eating and usually requires immediate medical attention because it can cause a buildup of toxins in the bloodstream. Nausea after eating, escorted by constipation can also be connected to a blockage in the small intestine.

6. Diseases of the gallbladder
People, who suffer from gallbladder disease, especially in the early stages, may experience nausea after eating. It began to be felt after eating if people are eating greasy foods or high fat.

7. Crohn's disease
In some individuals, Crohn's disease or illness bowl may be prone to nausea after eating, other more common symptoms of inflammatory conditions including chronic diarrhea and abdominal cramps. Stomach ulcer or erosion in the lining of the stomach or upper small intestine causes nausea after eating.

A short step to get rid of nausea after eating

Ginger: Ginger is an effective remedy for nausea after eating. Drink as much as 5 Milimter ginger juice mixed with honey can overcome the 10 Millimeter Nausea

Peppermint: To handle the nausea after eating, chewing peppermint gum or sucking hard peppermint candy.

Massage: Massaging the wrist can prevent and reduce nausea, just below the wrist, pressure points on the forearm. Use the index and middle fingers to measure the distance between the arm and two fingers of your hand. With your thumb or middle finger, press right under two veins you, do During the 2 to 3 minutes, with moderate pressure.

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Writen by: Mr Soed - Thursday, January 8, 2015