Vitamin B12 Benefits & Function To Human Body

Vitamin B12 is commonly known as "anti-stress" vitamin, and is still a vitamin B-complex group. Vitamin B12 is also known as water-soluble vitamins and contains a substance which is called by cobalt so often called cobalamin. Because cobalamin is one of the compilers of the vitamin B complex, therefore it is very important to know the benefits and functions to maximize the consumption of vitamin B12. As with other vitamins, vitamin B12 are both in natural foods or in vitamin supplements. Together with other B vitamins, vitamin B12 can help the body to stay healthy.

Vitamin B12 is one of the essential nutrients that can be found naturally in meat, seafood, milk, and various other products that have been fortified with B12. The elderly and people with certain health problems, may not be able to absorb vitamin B12 properly. To overcome this, the doctor will probably give you an injection of vitamin B12 to prevent deficiency. In addition, vitamin B12 injections are often given to increase energy.

Strict vegetarians, heavy drinkers, smokers, pregnant and lactating women, and the elderly usually require more vitamin B12. For that, it is usually advised to take supplements of this vitamin. But sometimes our bodies, especially our digestive system, is not able to absorb this vitamin well. This can happen if someone has disorders such as pernicious anemia, celiac disease, Crohn's disease, the growth of bacteria in the small intestine, or parasites. People suffering from this condition may also require vitamin B12 in supplement form.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause symptoms such as anemia, fatigue, body weakness, constipation, loss of appetite, significant weight loss, depression, difficulty remembering, mouth pain, asthma, vision problems etc. However, vitamin B12 deficiency is usually rare, because the liver stores of vitamin B12 reserves sufficient to last several years.

Vitamin B12 benefits

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient for brain function, heart function, and overall body health. Vitamin B12 helps the formation of red blood cells and DNA synthesis. Vitamin B12 also can help reduce levels of homocysteine, an amino acid which can cause heart disease, osteoporosis, depression, and dementia when there are excessive amounts in the body.

If you are experiencing a shortage (deficiency) of vitamin B12 in a short time, then you may experience some of the symptoms below as feeling very tired, low blood pressure, muscle weakness, and decreased mental function.

If the deficiency of vitamin B12 occurs in the long term, it can cause mood disorders, hallucinations, increased levels of homocysteine, a variety of symptoms that mimic Alzheimer's disease, such as memory loss and difficulty concentrating.

Below you can read important vitamin B12 benefits for our body

Apparently, vitamin B12 also plays a role in the metabolism of the human body. Vitamin B12 plays a role in normalizing the function of the nerves and the brain, in addition to the formation of red blood cells in the body. Vitamin B12 plays a role in metabolism is the metabolism of the body's cells. As well as the synthesis and regulation of energy metabolism into fatty acids contained in the body. Precisely on the human body, vitamin B12 helps metabolism depends on coenzyme A (CoA) which helps in the metabolism of propionate and certain substances in the amino acid turns it into succinyl CoA. Then passes through the citric acid cycle. If the deficiency of vitamin B12 can lead to mental retardation or other metabolic disorders.

In the manufacture of DNA and RNA, vitamin B12 plays an important role here. Vitamin B12 coordinate with vitamin B9 or folate create red blood cells while also iron in order to function properly in the body. Folate and B12 is coordinated to produce S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) one compound that plays a role in regulating the body's immunity. When DNA synthesis poor body is not made up of folate with the help of vitamin B12 and megaloblastosis pernicious anemia. Known to lead to abnormalities in vitamin B12 deficiency syndrome. Where vitamin B12 depends on the enzyme methylmalonyl coenzyme A and 5-methyltetrahydrofolate-homocysteine methyltransferase (MTR).

This type of anemia is pernicious anemia, especially when the body of the stomach cells are not able to make intrinsic factor. Without intrinsic factor, vitamin B12 which has entered into the body can not be absorbed properly and wasted. Anemia is characterized by symptoms of pale skin, fatigue, weight loss, fever, diarrhea, tingling in hands and feet, confusion, loss of balance of the body, loss of memory, and moodiness themselves. Vitamin B12 should continue to be given to patients with pernicious anemia and also takes care of the doctor more.

Heart Disease
Vitamin B12 deficiency, it can lead to heart disease. The high amino acid homocysteine resulted in the development of coronary heart disease 1.7 times higher. It is also 2.5 times higher stroke than people who consume vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 helps lower homocysteine levels. But still ask the doctor for your heart health.

Protecting the Nervous System
Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause damage to the myelin sheath that protects the nerves in the body. When myelin is damaged, the nerves, too distracted. Therefore, vitamin B12 deficiency can damage the nervous system of the spine. Another result is pain in the nerves, nerve disorders and dementia until permanent. Even Alzheimer's disease also occurs in those who have this nervous breakdown. To that end, the consumption of vitamin B12 may protect and care for the myelin sheath of nerve better and avoid nerve disorders.

Breast Cancer
There is no specific evidence indicating vitamin B12 can prevent breast cancer. However, women who take vitamins B12, was able to reduce a person affected by breast cancer. Because Vitamin B12 is coordinated with folate lowers the risk of breast cancer. Not to mention the fact carrying when women experience menopause in which the deficiency of vitamin B12 and folate lead to more susceptible to breast cancer.

Eye Health
The latest facts stated by take vitamins B12, folate, and vitamin B6 at doses high enough to prevent a person develops AMD. What is the AMD? AMD is one of the eye diseases that can lead a person to lose his eyesight.

Hair Health
Hair loss affects men and women today, that caused by a deficiency of vitamin B12. With lots of vitamin B12 consumption, can prevent from premature aging characterized by hair loss. Although hair loss is not entirely due to a lack of vitamin B12. It could be due to excessive drug use, use of the wrong shampoo can also lead to hair damage.
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