Steps To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Even there are no research about dangerous problems that caused by bed bugs, but we still should find the way how to get rid of it. As most people know, bed bugs is annoying, and has very bad smell. Their bite also leave rash marks on the skin. Moreover based on wikipedia, health effects may result from bed bug bites includes, psychological effects, and allergic symptoms. Bed bugs are parasitic insects of the family Cimicidae. Bedbugs are known as species that suck the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals. As the name implies, bedbugs love to stay in bed. Bedbugs used to live and lay eggs in the folds of the bed or pillows and other hidden places. Bedbugs can bite unwitting victims, usually it will be aggressive at night. They will cause bite marks in the form of bumps and itchy, and hot on its victims.

Bedbugs will be comfortable to live and breed in damp, dark, and dusty. Therefore we can break the chain of life by creating conditions that make it die or migrate to other places. By giving a "touch of" heat directly to bedbugs.

Here are steps to prevent and get rid of bed bugs:
  1. Remove the sheets from the bed. 
  2. Wash sheets and blankets separately with hot water. For each wash, add some detergent and bleach. If you have a doll or other items on the bed, wash well in the same way. 
  3. After that, move the bed to an open area (take it out of the house). 
  4. Clean the area around the bed until it is completely clean.
  5. Take anti-bacterial cleaner, then wipe the surface of the mattress. Do not miss clean the corners and folds of mattresses. 
  6. Take a hair dryer, turn it slowly over the entire area of ​​the mattress with the highest possible degree heat. This action will scorch the bedbugs and their larvae. Do not leave too long in the same area to avoid fire.
  7. Next, clean the bed frame with a cleaning fluid. Clean up into the corners of the bed. 
  8. Hair dryer order the same beds as step 6. 
  9. Wipe each table that is around the bed by using a cleaning fluid. 
  10. To prevent bed bugs back to bed, make sure you wash the sheets and blankets once a week in hot water.
How to get rid of bedbugs naturally:
The traditional way is very cheap, easy and environmentally friendly, which is enough to put the mangosteen rind near the bed. Odor characteristic mangosteen rind was allegedly able to make bedbugs do not linger in your bed. Lice Rot guaranteed to run away from the nest.

In addition to the skin of the mangosteen, durian skin can also be used to repel bugs, by putting it near the mattress. However, as a precaution, it is advisable for sunning mattresses, pillows and bolsters you regularly, so that your bed is kept dry and not humid.

Tips to treat itching due to bedbugs bites
"Steroids cream and oral antihistamines can help reduce itching and other skin reactions. Topical or oral antibiotics can be used to treat infections of the skin," advises Dr Chan Yuin Chew. If you feel the itch that tends to heat caused by the bite of bedbugs, immediately treated. Remember, too, do not scratch the bumps because it can help prevent and reduce the increase in skin pigmentation and scarring.

"Skin pigmentation can be treated with sunscreen, whitening cream, such as tretinoin and hydroquinone, and laser therapy. The appearance of scars can be improved with time. The long term solution is to eradicate the bugs. You can seek help from a licensed pest control company," said Dr. Chan.
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Writen by: Mr Soed - Monday, November 3, 2014