Most Important Vitamin D Benefits For Human Body

The main function of vitamin D is to maintain calcium and phosphate serum levels.Vitamin D helps the absorption and retention of calcium by the body, thus helping to form and maintain strong bones. Therefore, vitamin D is important for infants and young children whose bones are growing rapidly. In addition, vitamin D also strengthens the immune system, prevent some types of cancer, depression, heart disease, and even make you live longer. Vitamin D, including the type of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin E. Vitamin known as calciferol, was instrumental in the formation of bones and teeth with calcium. Vitamin D is the only vitamin that is produced in the body.

In September 2008, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) amended the osteoporosis risk reduction health claim in order to underscore the importance of vitamin D, which, when combined with calcium, in promoting long-term bone health. The amended rule also contains a broader restriction on any population that may benefit from calcium and vitamin D intake and include men and women of all ages and racial types. The amended labeling rules also explain that vitamin D is needed for normal absorption of calcium, and authorize a health claim: "Calcium and vitamin D are adequate throughout life, as part of a balanced diet, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis," or "Calcium and vitamin D appropriate as part of a healthy diet, and followed with physical activity, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in old age. "

FDA amend osteoporosis health claim after the emergence of a review of related research and in response to a petition filed by the Beverage Institute for Health & Wellness (BIHW) of The Coca-Coca Company in 2004. The FDA compiled osteoporosis health claim for manufacturers to include in food label or the right diet supplements to help consumers identify products with calcium and vitamin D are adequate to help support bone health.

"Osteoporosis is a public health crisis that is increasing, and all Americans, both men and women, can benefit by knowing that vitamin D along with calcium can help delay or prevent the onset of disease this disease," said Robert P. Heaney MD, FACP, a professor at the John A. Creighton University and Professor of Medicine at the University Creightondi Omaha, Nebraska. "accompanied by loading exercise (weight-bearing exercise), the most valuable intervention for maintaining bone health is a healthy diet so completely that meet all the nutrients, such as vitamin D, with a considerable amount. "

5 Vitamin D benefits ofr our body

  1. Vitamin D is beneficial for preventing breast cancer: All women must be very scared when they hear cancer especially breast cancer, because the cancer is only attacking women. However, do not worry if you can meet the needs of Vitamin D in our bodies, then you can avoid this malignant cancer. It has been observed that taking Vitamin D can inhibit the multiplication of cancer cells in the body.

  2. Vitamin D is beneficial for maintaining the immune: In Vitamin D, there is an active molecule that is calcitriol which is the main actor in the absorption of calcium metabolism in muscle function, bone, as well as an immunomodulator that affects the immune system to fight off some diseases. So if we eat fruit and foods containing vitamin D will make us have a good immune.

  3. Vitamin D is beneficial to help nourish and rejuvenate the skin: Research has shown that the body can produce vitamin D. Although it must remain the intake of natural foods without the need to consume more vitamin D from supplements. Intake of foods that naturally contain vitamin D can you consume are from eggs, fish, or margarine. The benefit to the skin it will make the skin healthier. Especially for vitamin D2 and D3 can prevent skin disorders such as psoriasis. This vitamin can also repair skin damage, prevent wound infections in the skin and can rejuvenate the skin. And this vitamin is typically used in beauty care products. 

  4. Vitamin D is useful for treating osteomalacia: Osteomalacia is a disease that can be found in human bone tissue, which is caused by the formation of a mineral layer that does not happen as it should. In this case, the new bone formed in the absence of a mineral layer that supports, causing the bones to become soft. Soft bone will easily cracked and broken. And the only way to treat this disease is to consume enough vitamin D supplements and get enough sunlight.

  5. Curing Rickets: Vitamin D helps the body control calcium and phosphate levels in the human body. When our body's intake lack of vitamin D, it is automatically not be able to control the release of calcium and phosphate levels. The body might stimulate some hormones to release calcium and phosphate from bone. If the content of phosphate in the bones and Kalsum wane, then our bones can weaken and soften. Rickets can be identified by using X-ray examination of the bones of the foot. Rickets disease can be cured with very fast only with the help of vitamin D supplements are inserted orally. When Rickets examination, the doctor will monitor the levels of 25-OH-D in the plasma so that they can return to a normal state. Rickets disease can also be caused by calcium deficiency even if the child has been exposed in the sun is enough. If it is caused by a lack of calcium, then they need to take a calcium supplement, along with supplements of vitamin D.
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Writen by: Mr Soed - Saturday, November 1, 2014