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    Wednesday, April 16, 2014

    Vitamin C Overdose Side Effects & The Symptoms That You Must Know

    Vitamin C is very essential for health, however, vitamin C overdose can also lead to negative effects on health. Can we overdose on vitamin C? The answer is yes! According to US government, the RDAs for vitamin C are based on its known physiological and antioxidant functions in white blood cells and are much higher than the amount required for protection from deficiency. For infants from birth to 12 months, the FNB established an AI for vitamin C that is equivalent to the mean intake of vitamin C in healthy breastfed infants. Read table below!

    RDAs for Vitamin C 
    Age Male Female Pregnancy Lactation
    0–6 months40 mg*40 mg*
    7–12 months50 mg*50 mg*
    1–3 years15 mg15 mg
    4–8 years25 mg25 mg
    9–13 years45 mg45 mg
    14–18 years75 mg65 mg80 mg115 mg
    19+ years90 mg75 mg85 mg120 mg
    SmokersIndividuals who smoke require 35 mg/day
    more vitamin C than nonsmokers.
    * Adequate Intake (AI)
    * RDA : Recommended Dietary Allowances

    Vitamin C plays a role in enhancing the immune system related to health to prevent your body from free radical exposure. Free radicals cause cells in the body are easily damaged and can not function properly. In addition vitamin C is often used in some beauty methods to improve the body's cells and blood circulation. Vitamin C can be found naturally from the content of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables that have a high vitamin C are oranges, broccoli, pineapple and tomatoes. In addition the use of vitamin C in beauty methods such as supplements and injections with high doses of vitamin C will cause some health problems. You have to pay attention to nutritional adequacy rate (RDI) according to age, sex and state to find out the requirement of vitamin C in the body.

    If you take vitamin C naturally through fruits or vegetables in large quantities, the possibility of side effects is not too dangerous because the rest are not required to be issued through the urine. Dangerous side effects emerged in the form of Vitamin C supplements if taken too much will make it difficult for the body to process and can eventually lead to disease.

    Symptoms of Excess Vitamin C 

    Mild symptoms of vitamin C overdose    

    • mouth ulcers      
    • Often fart or experiencing excessive gas problems      
    • Nausea, vomiting, dizziness      
    • Strong-smelling urine      
    • bloating      
    • stomach ache      
    • indigestion      
    • diarrhea      
    • headache      
    • fever      
    • Increased levels of stress      
    • flushed face      
    • skin rash     
    • leg cramps      
    • stomach cramps
    Main symptoms of vitamin C overdose 
    These problems may arise if you take vitamin C more than 6000 mg / day.      
    • The decrease is caused by excessive Vitamin B12 vitamin C.      
    • Oxygen demand will be increased, which resulted in additional pressure on the heart, because vitamin C is redundant.      
    • Copper deficiency can occur due to an overdose of vitamin C.      
    • Hepatitis infection can occur if high doses of vitamin C consumed.      
    • Cavities can be formed due to excessive amounts of vitamin C.      
    • Severe back pain can be seen when the high quantity of vitamin C consumed.      
    • Insomnia can also arise because of the inconvenience and toxicity effects of vitamin C.      
    • Iron toxicity because of increased absorption of iron is the result of an overdose of vitamin C.

    For some people who are more sensitive, too much vitamin C can cause more serious health problems, among others:

    1. Kidney stone disease: In addition to an increased risk of kidney stones, an overdose of vitamin C also increases the risk of other kidney problems. Consumption of high levels of vitamin C supplements may increase the levels of oxalate in the urine and result in calcium oxalate kidney stones, the most common type of kidney stones. Oxalate is found naturally in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and chocolate, and are also produced by the liver.

    2. Symptoms of Allergies: Anyone who has a corn allergy should examine whether vitamin C supplements consumed, because some supplements of vitamin C made ​​from corn. 

    3. Heart disease in women: Vitamin C supplements may be harmful for some women, especially postmenopausal women with diabetes. A study of more than 1,900 postmenopausal women with diabetes found that women who had the highest intake of vitamin C (more than 300 mg per day) of supplements (instead of food) have an increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

    4. Blood dilute: High doses of vitamin C can thin the blood. Anyone who has been prescribed to take blood-thinning medications should consult a physician before taking supplements of vitamin C. 

    5. Diabetes: Taking high doses of vitamin C can have an impact on blood glucose levels in diabetic patients and thus affect the need for antidiabetic drugs. If you have diabetes, you should talk to your doctor before taking supplements of vitamin C. 

    6. Other health disorders: Anyone who has a medical condition that is associated with the loading acids, such as uric acid, cirrhosis, paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, or renal tubular acidosis should consult with a physician before taking high doses of vitamin C.
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