Simple Self-help Cures To Stop Snoring

In more severe cases, snoring and sleep apnea can lead to strokes and heart attacks. But do not worry, you can perform simple tips to stop snoring. Snoring is the humane thing and can happen to anyone, but for some people snore is something very disturbing. Snoring is caused due to the narrowing of the air contained in the throat or in the nose that flowed through the oxygen that enters the body. To get the right snoring remedies, you should know first what causes snoring that you can read below.

Causes of snoring 

  1. Over weight: A person who has more weight, have a great chance of snoring. Throat network owned by the owner of a large body is more and more big. so there is a narrowing of the airways that can cause snoring. There are several ways that you can take, including mild exercise or diet control.

  2. Recumbent sleep: One of the prone sleeping position with snoring is, supine sleeping position. Mouth open when sleeping on their backs, the tongue will be pushed to the position that makes it easy for blockage in the airways causing snoring. 

  3. Smoking habits: Smoking can damage heart health and lung. In addition, smoking can trigger inflammation in the respiratory tract and throat. The trigger is what can lead to a snore.

  4. Body anatomy: Respiratory tract small or narrow, creating a difficulty in exhaling, causing the snoring sound. A man has a smaller airways than women so the risk of snoring is more dominant in males. 

  5. Drugs and alcohol: Consuming drugs and alcohol will increase the relaxation that can cause snoring. Relax airway does not guarantee a healthy sleeping position. This makes the airways relax so that performance can not work optimally. That's what causes the snoring sound.

Some easy ways to stop snoring

  • Fixing a less regular pattern of life: Make a time duration sufficient to determine the break time, work time, family time, etc. do not exceed a predetermined time. if this happens, then you will be exhausted in making routine, so the chances of snoring becomes larger. 

  • Noting sleeping position: Before falling asleep, there are some important things you should do like cleaning the nasal cavities and tooth brushing. after that you sleep in a slanting position or lay your head higher.

  • Exercising: With regular exercise, will help tighten your muscles including several muscles in the throat. Exercise will also help you lose weight so that your respiratory tract to work optimally when asleep.

  • Avoid the use of drugs, cigarettes and alcohol: For those of you who are accustomed to consuming sedatives when trying sleep it is advisable to consult a doctor. No sedative type that causes snoring worse. In addition to drug use, it helps you to stop smoking and consuming drugs. It will irritate the respiratory tract, so that there is a blockage in your nose, which will result in increasingly narrowed airways.
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Writen by: Mr Soed - Sunday, April 20, 2014