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    Tuesday, March 11, 2014

    Some Dangerous Diseases Caused By Protein Deficiency

    Ideally, our bodies need a balanced protein to help increase endurance, improve memory and also for growth. So what if we have a protein deficiency? As a result of a lack of protein for the body is decreased memory, tired and many other health problems. In general, countries such as Africa or a developing country is a country whose population is still a lack of protein. While countries such as America and Europe is a country whose population is the average excess protein. Protein overdose similar things with protein deficiency, which can cause health problems, especially the kidneys and liver have to work hard.

    Human protein requirement is calculated daily based on ideal body weight. Ideal body weight is calculated based on height and sex. Daily protein requirement is calculated in units of grams per day for every kilogram of your body weight. For people who are accustomed to sit or do activities or sports activities that are not too much, the recommended daily protein intake is 0.75 g per kg of body weight. Physical activity levels of people who are quite good and are doing the exercises for about an hour or more, for those ideal protein intake is approximately 1.0-1.2 grams of protein per kg of body weight.

    Below are some dangerous diseases caused by protein deficiency:
    1. Marasmus: This disease is quite dangerous (usually accompanied by symptoms of carbohydrate) . Symptoms include the occurrence of significant weight loss, excessive dehydration, and physical appearance are much older than their actual age. This dangerous disease usually occurs in children who are in a period of growth. If not addressed immediately, marasmus may lead sufferers to death.

    2. Kwashiorkor: According to research by the University of Maryland Medical Center, a disease that has a unique name, usually affecting children in their teens. Generally, symptoms include fatigue extraordinary, appeared swollen abdomen, fluid retention, frequent diarrhea, unstable emotional condition making it difficult to withstand the emotional and many others. If the sufferer tends to lean marasmus kwashiorkor then on, the display looks normal patients. But, if the disease is not immediately followed up, the young people will be hindered its growth, experiencing cognitive disorders and even mental disability.

    3. Cachexia: Diseases caused by deficiency this protein, appears with symptoms such as thinning of the skeletal muscle, protein degradation, there is an extreme weight loss, triggering a malignant cancer of the stomach, liver, intestines, and others. Those affected Cachexia, always feeling tired despite only mild activity. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Cachexia disease can lead to death if not treated seriously.

    How do we avoid diseases caused by protein deficiency?

    If you want to prevent all diseases above, than you should meet your daily protein intake. Milk and the like, are the best source of protein. Generally, proteins from this sources are easily digested and absorbed by the body. Milk contains a protein that perfect and also contains calcium and phosphorus in the proper proportions for the children who are still growing and lactating mothers. But although milk is a good food, we must remain cautious, because milk is very easily contaminated by germs either because of processing, and storage processes.

    Meat also the main source for protein. In addition to protein, it contains also iron, phosphorus and vitamin B Complex. However, it should be noted that all animal flesh contains a kind of "junk" that must be excreted by the kidneys. This means extra work for the body and also definitely will bring difficulties for those already damaged kidneys. Get more information about what is protein and high protein foods to meet your daily protein intake.

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