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    Wednesday, March 19, 2014

    Avoid These 9 Main Migraine Causes!

    Yes, migraine is very annoying! Because last few days, I got migraine. When I went to the doctor, I forgot to ask the cause of migraine. I really curious to know what is the real causes. I realize, that I don't have a good healthy lifestyle, such as, often sleep late, bad eat pattern, and smoking. After search on internet, there is an article that said one cause of migraine is due to heavy thoughts. For that, one way to deal with migraines is to calm the mind. Perform relaxation of the mind, for example by doing gardening hobby, listening to music or other fun activities for you. I keep searching, and after read a lot of articles, then I have concluded that there are 9 main migraine causes, that you can read below. But please note, you should ask your doctor to make sure it.

    1. Sleep patterns: Changes in sleep patterns is one of the causes of migraine. Sudden changes in sleep patterns can cause severe migraine. Many people say that migraine attacks appear after sleeping in a long time, for example due to sleep longer on the weekends. While for others it could be triggered due to less sleep.

    2. Stress: Stress has been known to be one cause of headaches. Long working hours, especially working with computers, hard physical labor, or work pressure can be a migraine trigger. Migraine sufferers say they often experience migraines when weekend. Relaxation is the key to preventing migraines in this case.

    3. Foods and beverages: One of the main causes is allegedly certain foods. There are some foods that have been identified as foods that can trigger migraines. Some migraine sufferers are usually less tolerant tehadap foods such as cheese, chocolate, and citrus. Coffee and caffeine-containing foods also can trigger migraines. In addition, foods containing monosodium glutamate and artificial sweetener Aspartame is found in diet drinks and foods, can also cause a migraine. Do not forget with alcoholic beverages, they also a trigger.

    4. Magnesium deficiency: Recent studies have found that magnesium deficiency to be one of the causes of migraine. If magnesium is less or reduced, it will cause the nerves in the brain becomes jammed, so it can result in visual changes and can lead to migraines. Magnesium supplementation has been shown to be an effective natural remedy for migraine, either in food or by taking supplements. Several studies have shown that 50-60% of cases of migraine associated with magnesium deficiency.

    5. Medications: Medications can also be a cause of migraine. Drugs such as headache medications used for long periods of time can trigger a migraine attack. Hormone replacement therapy or oral contraceptives and drugs used to dilate blood vessels are some medications that can cause migraines also.

    6. Hormones: The cause of migraine in women is often associated with hormonal fluctuations. Women are much more frequently affected by migraine than men because the hormone fluctuations. Most women who experience regular migraine attacks, saying that they have migraines just before or after their monthly periods. The study found that the rate of decrease in the female hormone estrogen can cause migraines. Women who are going through menopause and have low estrogen levels may experience a severe headache.

    7. Sensory: other causes that could trigger a migraine comes from the senses, both sight and sense of smell. Triggers can be in the form of a very bright lights or blinks, sunlight or strong light, pungent smell of perfume, smoke, and citrus fruits. All of these are common things that trigger migraines.

    8. Genetic: Allegedly a strong correlation between genetic with migraine. Most migraine sufferers have a family history of migraines also. Most migraine sufferers are young. Actually both adolescents and young adults are particularly vulnerable to migraine, it may also be due to hormonal fluctuations.

    9. Other causes: In addition to the causes mentioned above, migraines can also be caused by many factors such as sudden changes in the weather, high altitudes, or low blood sugar.
    Actually, I had severe migraine about two or three years ago, and I did acupuncture to treat it. The last time I went to doctor, he said I do not need to do acupuncture treatment. So, he only gave me some medications. The result, the migraine gone just for few days after the medication is run out. I suspect, I had magnesium deficiency. So, recently I tried to eat spinach to meet my daily magnesium needs. Every patient, experiencing different migraine symptoms, and have a variety of triggers for their migraines, which is why it is often difficult to treat migraines. Hope it really helps.
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