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    Monday, March 10, 2014

    10 Amazing Mangosteen Benefits For Health and Nutrition Facts

    One of mangosteen benefits is the diuretic effect, which will prevent kidney disease because the process of urination becomes smooth. Of course this must be balanced with lots of drinking and do not hold back urination. And in fact, mangosteen is popular as the fruit that has highest antioxidant content. According to wikipedia, fruit that has binomial name Garcinia mangostana believed to have originated in the Sunda Islands and the Moluccas of Indonesia. Mangosteen is the only fruit that never rot when put on the ground in a long time, because mangosteen will dry out and become wood.

    The aril is the white part of the fruit containing a mild flavor that makes the fruit popular for eating. When analyzed specifically for its content of essential nutrients, however, mangosteen nutrition is modest, as all nutrients analyzed are a low percentage of the Dietary Reference Intake.

    Mangosteen benefits for health

    1. Preventing heart disease: Heart disease and arteriosclerosis occur because the blood vessels around the heart loses its elasticity, the mangosteen fruit can restore the elasticity of blood vessels through antimicrobial and antioxidant, and therefore the risk of heart disease is reduced and can be prevented for those of you who have not experienced this.

    2. Reducing high blood pressure: The disease is often referred to as hypertension, this disease occurs because disturbance in the blood vessels, so it will lead to or increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, the mangosteen fruit is believed to reduce high blood pressure and prevent the onset of this disease.

    3. Mangosteen benefits to cure asthma: Asthma classified as a deadly disease that results in damage to the respiratory system. Mangosteen fruit can be used as an alternative medicine for this disease, this is because, the mangosteen fruit has the ability to fight infections and also contains substances that reduce allergies. 

    4. Lower cholesterol: bad cholesterol or LDL (low density lipoproteins) is excessive and will stick to the wall of blood vessels constrict, and this condition can be reduced by substance xanthones found in the mangosteen fruit.

    5. Prevent visual impairment: Cataracts and glaucoma are visually impaired as a result of radiation that removes the protein in the eye lens, this disorder can be overcome by avoiding direct sunlight (wearing glasses) and consume mangosteen contain antioxidants. 

    6. Weight loss: body weight resulting rise in obesity occurs because the cell membrane in our body easily enlarged and hardened, and this can be overcome by xanthones substance found in the mangosteen fruit, the substance re soften cells, and quickly convert the food into energy. This condition makes us healthier and at the same time can overcome obesity.

    7. Coping with kidney stones: Kidney stone disease is usually experienced by men. To prevent kidney stone disease are advised to consume 3 ounces or more of the mangosteen fruit every day. Consuming mangosteen will make us pee more frequently so as to prevent kidney stones. 

    8. Increasing energy: Mangosteen Fruit efficacious recover stamina, some people who eat the mangosteen fruit regularly claimed to get extra energy while doing hard work. 

    9. Cure and prevent cancer: Now this has been done endless research on the properties of the mangosteen fruit to cancer diseases, while research results, the extract contained in the mangosteen fruit can prevent the growth of cells in patients with leukemia, put a halt to the development of lung cancer cells lung, liver cancer, and colon cancer.

    10. Treating and preventing diabetes: One chronic disease that affects many men are diabetic, and to help the healing process, it is advisable to consume mangosteen fruit that contains substances normalize blood pressure, restore energy, and substances that reduce the excess sugar in the blood.

    Mangosteen peel contains xanthonoids, such as mangostin, and other phytochemicals having antioxidant properties in vitro. Some studies demonstrated that juice containing mangosteen peel extracts may reduce blood levels of C-reactive protein, a biomarker of inflammation. Research on the phytochemistry of the plant without human clinical study is inadequate to assure the safety or efficacy of its use as a supplement. Some mangosteen juice products contain whole fruit purée or polyphenols extracted from the inedible exocarp (rind). The resulting juice has purple colour and astringency derived from exocarp pigments. The other mangosteen nutrition can be read at nutritional value table below.

    Mangosteen syrup pack (canned) nutrition facts

    Based on USDA Nutrient data base (per 100 gr)
    Energy : 73 kcal 
    Carbohydrates : 17.91 g 
    Protein : 0.41 g 
    Total Fat : 0.58 g 
    Cholesterol : 0 mg 
    Dietary Fiber : 1.8 g 
    Total sugars : 7.66 g 
    Water : 3.91 g 

    Folates : 31 µg 
    Niacin : 0.286 mg 
    Riboflavin : 0.054 mg 
    Thiamin : 0.054 mg 
    Vitamin A : 35 IU 
    Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) : 0.018 mg 
    Vitamin C : 2.9 mg 
    Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) : 0 mg 
    Vitamin K : 0 µg 

    Calcium : 12 mg 
    Iron : 0.30 mg 
    Magnesium : 13 mg 
    Potassium : 48 mg 
    Phosphorus : 8 mg 
    Sodium : 7 mg 
    Zinc : 0.21 mg 

    Saturated fatty acids : 0 g 
    Monounsaturated fatty acids : 0 g 
    Polyunsaturated fatty acids : 0 g
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