14 Magnificent Black Tea Benefits Which Not Everyone Knows

During this green tea is more popular, so many people who do not know the benefits of black tea for health. You need to know, if green tea usually loses taste in a year, black tea flavor persisted for several years. As published in magforwomen, one of benefits from black tea based on a study says that it may help prevent a stroke. Another study also mentions that black tea helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 50%.

Health benefits of black tea can not be separated from the main compound found in tea, called polyphenols. These compounds are known to have antioxidant capabilities, especially in the fight against cancer, also gave a positive effect in the form of heart disease and stroke prevention. The antioxidant compounds can also expedite the circulatory system, strengthens blood vessels and lowers blood cholesterol levels. With polyphenols, tea also helps in increasing the number of white blood cells that protect against infection, even, polyphenols also reduce plaque formation by affect the oral bacteria performance.

Research conducted continuously at 564 men and women over 14 years in the Netherlands and in Norway, which involved 20,000 men and women. Found that drinking 2 to 4 cups of tea a day were able to suppress the accumulation of cholesterol approximately 46% to 69%.

Health benefits of black tea

  1. Avoiding Atherosclerosis: Catechins and theaflavins contained in black tea, getting rid of free radicals to not have a chance to oxidize LDL (cholesterol are at risk for body) that can form plaques in the arterial wall triggers atherosclerosis. 
  2. Reduce the risk of stroke: dr. Mahmoud Zureik of the French National Institute for media research says that drinking tea to avoid the formation of plaque in the arteries, thus lowering the risk of stroke.
  3. Increase metabolism: Clinical studies done by the University of Geneva and the University of Birmingham stated that black tea can increase the metabolic rate, speeding up fat oxidation, as well as make improvements in insulin sensitivity. 
  4. Helps streamline the body and maintain ideal weight remains: Black tea can help you lose weight because the content of catechins, polyphenolics add thermogenesis (the rate / speed of calorie burning) and blocking the activity of lipase liposis gastric and pancreatic lipase to fat digestion is inhibited and can not be absorbed by the small intestine.
  5. Avoiding Diabetes: dr. Rena Graham of Team Corp. Research Institute says theaflavins and thearubigin compounds contained in black tea can keep the benefits of insulin in the body. 
  6. As Anti-cancer: Research conducted in New Scientist magazine states that, the research provided that the content of black tea makes the body protected from a variety of cancers such as lung cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. According to Hirofumi Tachibana and his team at Kyushu University, Japan, the content of antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in black tea acts as an inhibitor of cancer cell growth.
  7. Lowering Cholesterol and Avoiding Heart Attacks: Research conducted at The Netherland National Institute of Public Health states that 1-2 cups of black tea per day may reduce the accumulation of cholesterol by 46%, 4 cups per day reduced to 69%. People who drink 4-7 cups of black tea per day regularly can reduce the risk of stroke.
  8. As a health drink and anti-aging: Black tea is the beverage stretching age. A study in Norway stated that drinking black tea at least 1 cup a day can be anti-aging. 
  9. Against HIV virus: According to recent studies in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, EGCG could avoid progression of the HIV virus to be used as a complementary therapy for some patients with HIV.
  10. Overcoming bacterial infections and fungi: One study at Pace University reported in the American Soceity for Microbiology in 2008 found that black tea extract is very efficient in the therapy in a variety of fungal and bacterial infections. 
  11. Prevent dental caries: Children in Japan who drank black tea regularly and continuously, dont have dental caries. Some researchers from Chicago states that, black tea also able to prevent the development of bacteria that can trigger bad breath.
  12. Lowering Hypertension: Research conducted on 600 of the 1507 people of Taiwan, stating that those who drank 1-2 cups of tea per day, lowering the risk of hypertension by 46%, 3 cups of tea per day lowers hypertension to 60%. 
  13. Increase stamina (vitality): The content in black tea can increase stamina / endurance exercise by way of adding fat metabolism and turn it into power. 
  14. Increasing the brain power and relieve stress: John Foxe, Ph.D. stated that thenaine add alpha brain wave activity, which is a state of mind calmer and more alert and can also reduce stress.
For note: According to nutrition experts, the tea should be drink soon after brewing. When it is exposed to hot water, exposure to light and air, the content of antioxidants in tea are generally only last for 45 minutes. Moreover, the benefits will be reduced or lost.
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Writen by: Mr Soed - Monday, January 27, 2014