Counting How Many Calories In A Banana To Increase Your Energy

Not many people know that some athletes consume bananas for energy reserves, therefore, we will try to count how many calories in a banana so that it can produce instant energy. Bananas have so many varieties, in areas with frequent rainfall all year round climate, banana production can take place regardless of the season. Pacific Islands, Central American countries, Indonesia, and Brazil is known as the main countries exporting bananas.

Bananas contain high energy and faster absorbed than rice or bread. Therefore bananas are an alternative source of instant calories more natural and healthy. Carbohydrates in bananas is a complex carbohydrate, this condition makes the body's banana supply energy that can be absorbed in a short time, but also not too fast just like sugar or syrup. The sugar content in bananas, fruit sugar or fructose is having a low glycemic index. Fruit sugar, either consumed because it can provide for the body's energy reserves.

Calories in raw and processed banana

  • Raw banana (fresh fruit) calories per 100 gr, contain 89 kcal. To burn these calories you can swimming for 7 minutes, jogging 10 minutes, cycling for 14 minutes or walking for 25 minutes.
  • Calories in banana bread prepared from recipe (made with margarine) per 100 gr, contain 326 kcal.
  • Calories in sundae banana split per 100 gr, contain 166 calories. To burn these calories, you can  swimming for 14 minutes, jogging 19 minutes, cycling 25 minutes or walking for 46 minutes.
Feelings of lethargy and lack of energy can slow even the strongest person. According to Australia's leading Nutritionist Glenn Cardwell, lethargy felt by the athletes is often associated with poor food choices before exercise.

Cardwell said, a diet rich in carbohydrates is essential to provide the fuel that will be used by the muscles in the sport. During exercise, muscle contraction will burn glucose derived from muscle. Glucose is a carbohydrate that is derived from food. Therefore, if we consume foods low in carbohydrates, the muscles will lack that causes athlete's glycogen runs out of energy.

According to Cardwell, athletes favorite fruit is banana. Ripe bananas have a lot of starch are broken down into glucose, so both sweeter and more quickly digested. Glucose is then converted into glycogen to be stored to fuel the muscles, and ready to be released when exercising.

Cardwell also told that he had met with an athlete who always eat a banana before the match. The athlete achieved the best time, and since then the athlete has always eaten a banana before the match. So sometimes, the energy offered by bananas can be useful beyond banana nutritional benefits itself.
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Writen by: Mr Soed - Monday, December 9, 2013