Some Of Asthma Causes and Symptoms That You Probably Not Know

Do you know what causes asthma? If you already know what asthma is, maybe you already know the cause. Even so, lot of people with asthma still don't know it. Asthma is a respiratory condition that is narrowed because of hyperactivity to certain stimuli, which cause inflammation. Early symptom of asthma is shortness of breath, coughing, and voice become wheezing. This disease can affect anyone, both children and adults. Asthma is very susceptible to stimuli such as dust, dander, smoke, cold air, and exercise. Asthma experts believe, that asthma is a hereditary disease and the majority of people who suffer from asthma due to allergy to certain allergens. Allergens are factors that come from the environment.

Causes of asthma

The term cause of asthma is not appropriate, because until now the cause of asthma is unknown. There have been many studies conducted by experts in the field of asthma to explain the causes of asthma, but not a single theory or hypothesis that can be accepted or approved by all the experts. Nevertheless, a clear airway of asthmatics have a distinctive nature that is very sensitive to various stimuli (bronchial hyperreactivity). Cigarette smoke, allergens and mental stress in normal people do not cause asthma, but in people with asthma that stimulus can lead to attacks. Below are some possibility that could be the causes:
  • Congenital or derivatives If in a family there who suffer from asthma, it is likely that their descendants will be too. And the disease is not contagious, but by descent.

  • The cold air. Cold temperatures will result in the onset of asthma. Just as the rainy weather, the use of AC with a high temperature and in the mountainous areas.

  • Foods. Foods that contain high levels of MSG and preservatives should be shunned, one of them like nuts, ice or cold drinks, and chocolate.

  • Environment factors. Environment full of dust, dirty, and smoke, is the place initially arise asthma. Because it is so disturbing lungs. Therefore we suggest to maintain the health and cleanliness of your environment from dirty and of course maintaining a healthy lifestyle and clean.

Signs and Symptoms of Asthma

The frequency and severity of asthma attacks are varied. Some people more often free of symptoms and only experience shortness of breath attacks are short and mild, which happens at any time. Other patients almost always have cough and wheezing as well as having a great attack after suffering from a viral infection, exercise or after exposure to allergens or irritants. Crying or laughing hard can also cause the onset of symptoms and is also often persistent cough, especially at night or in cold weather.

An asthma attack can occur suddenly, characterized by wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath. Wheezing, particularly audible when the patient breathed. At other times, an asthma attack occurs slowly with symptoms gradually worsened. In both these circumstances, the first time perceived by a person with asthma are shortness of breath, cough or tightness in the chest. Attacks can take place within a few minutes or can last up to several hours, even for a few days.

Early symptoms in children may include itching in the chest or in the neck. Dry cough at night or when the exercise could also be the only symptom. During asthma attacks, shortness of breath can be more severe, causing anxiety. As a reaction to anxiety, patients will also be spending a lot of sweat.

At the very severe attack, the patient became difficult to talk because of shortness of breath very great. Confusion, lethargy (decreased consciousness state, where people like to sleep soundly, but can be aroused briefly and then promptly fell asleep again) and cyanosis (bluish skin looks) is a sign that the oxygen supply is limited and patients need immediate treatment. Although they suffered severe attacks, the patient will usually recover completely.

Sometimes some of the alveoli (air bags in the lungs) can rupture and cause air collects in the pleural cavity or cause air collects around the organs of the chest. This will exacerbate the tightness is felt by the patient.

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Writen by: Mr Soed - Friday, November 15, 2013