Chicken Nutrition Benefits For Health You May Not Know

For a bodybuilder, the benefits of chicken nutrition is very important for their body muscles development. Actually, there are still many health benefits due to chicken nutrition that we can get. In this poultry meat, contained 9 essential amino acids needed by the body. Amino acids that relatively easy to digest is necessary for the growth and replacement of damaged body cells. On all kinds of poultry and birds, also contained a number of amino acid tyrosine, that used by the brain to produce dopamine and noradrenaline. These substances make people easier to concentrate.

Another composition in chicken meat is Haeme iron that also easy to digest when compared with iron derived from vegetable. Haeme iron is needed to maintain the body's iron stores, so we avoid anemia. Chicken meat includes foods that rarely cause allergies. The aroma is not sharp, so loved by all age groups. Most important in the selection of chicken meat is, the freshness, and its processing is done correctly.

Chicken nutrition facts

Based on clinical trials by nutritionists, nutritional content of chicken meat is quite complex. Based on the record, every 100 grams of chicken meat contains as much as 74% water, 22% protein, as much as 13 milligrams of calcium compounds, substances as much as 190 milligrams of phosphorus and iron.

Moreover, it turns out the chicken meat also contains vitamin A, C also E, that very good for the body, especially for small children and the elderly if treated in the right way. Chicken nutritional content considered better when compared with red meat such as mutton and beef because the fat component is quite low and is dominated by unsaturated fats that actually better for the body. 

For another information, below you can read chicken nutritional content based on USDA that was taken from wikipedia.

11 chicken meat health benefits

  1. Build muscle. In the nonfat chicken meat, contained more protein. People who want to make her look stumpy, it could take boiled chicken to help increase muscle mass.
  2. Chicken meat contains zinc that can maintain a healthy appetite.
  3. Phosphorus and calcium content in chicken meat can strengthen bones.
  4. Although it contains cholesterol, chicken meat also has niacin that can lower cholesterol levels. Choose nonfat chicken meat and cook without using oil or butter.
  5. Chicken is rich in minerals that help boost the immune system. Thus, hot chicken soup is suitable for flu patients.
  6. Chickens can help growing children. Because protein amino acids in chicken, stimulating growth and a stronger body.
  7. Selenium content in chickens reduces the risk of arthritis. 
  8. Chickens have vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid that affects a sense of calm to the nerves. Eating chicken can relieve the stress that you feel.
  9. Your heart also healthier to eat chicken. Because the chicken also rich in vitamin B6, which lowers homocysteine cause heart attacks.
  10. Eating chicken can relieve stress during menstruation.
  11. Men can also increase testosterone by eating chicken meat.
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Writen by: Mr Soed - Sunday, November 17, 2013