10 Magnificent Benefits Of Yogurt For Health

Based on research, there are a lot of benefits of yogurt. Yogurt is not only good for digestion, but also beneficial to increase the ability of the brain. Yogurt is milk that is deliberately created through bacterial fermentation process. Yogurt can be made from animal or vegetable milk, including soy milk. From fermentation of milk sugar (lactose) produced lactic acid, lactic acid is produced from the fermentation process involved in producing milk proteins in gel texture and flavor in yogurt. Yogurt as a health food has transform a myriad of health benefits.

Scientists research from the University of California found an association between increased brain with the condition of the human intestinal microflora. 36 healthy women between the ages of 18 and 55 were included in this study. They were divided into three groups. The first group eating yogurt with microorganisms that improve the intestinal microflora, the second groups consume yogurt with prebiotic-free and a third group did not drink at all yogurt. As a result, those who consumed yogurt have high levels of emotional calmness higher than those who do not consume at all.

Benefits of yogurt for health

  1. Inhibit pathogens: Consumption of yogurt regularly, will make your body will be immune to the pathogen or similar substances germs that may cause illness. Eating yogurt can also kill the bacteria Ecoli contained in the digestive tract. Because these bacteria if in small amounts will cause disease, but if a large number of effects that can bring unhealthy.

  2. Neutralize Antibiotics: Antibiotics can cause the death of good antibiotics and bad antibiotic if consumed orally. This will disturb the balance of the digestive tract. Well yogurt can eliminate the bad effects. 

  3. Cholesterol degradation: Lactic acid bacteria contained in yogurt will degrade cholesterol to coprostanol. This substance can be absorbed by the intestine and excreted in the form of dirt, so that by the absorption of cholesterol in the body will be low.

  4. Preventing Osteoporosis: By eating yogurt as much as 200 cc two times per day, the body will consume 600 mg of calcium. Then enough to meet your daily calcium needs.

  5. Helps digestion: Prebiotics contained in yogurt will balance the microflora in the gut, and help digestion, so the body will remain fit.

  6. Preserve heart health: Because low-fat yogurt and even fat-free, so it will help prevent the risk of high blood pressure. This is because yogurt contains calcium, magnesium potassium dam much.

  7. Prevent Hypertension: Special protein in the yogurt will make a lower high blood pressure and we will live healthier.

  8. Helping People with Lactose Intolerance: For children who frequent diarrhea, it is possible that your child suffer from Lactose Intolerance, this is because people with lactose digestive enzyme deficiency resulting in impaired intestinal absorption of water and bring diarrhea. In yogurt, lactose already broken by the good bacteria that is easily absorbed by the body, so it is very are suggested for people with Lactose Intolerance.

  9. Boost immunity: Eating yogurt every day can help generate higher immune. The content of probiotics in yogurt, also help stimulate infection-fighting white blood cells in the bloodstream.

  10. Help you lose weight: According to a study conducted by the International Journal of Obesity in 2005, the intake of calcium through yogurt helps the body to use stored fat. Thus, it helps you have a more slender body.

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Writen by: Mr Soed - Saturday, November 2, 2013