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    Tuesday, June 11, 2013

    11 Superb Benefits of Mango Nutrition For Health As Super Fruit

    Who doesn't know mango? Mango is one of the most popular fruit in the world, it can be made as juice or eat directly. Behind delicious and refreshing taste, there are so many mango nutrient content that are beneficial to health. Mango fruit contains many nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and other minerals that can help improve the quality of health and boost immunity. That's why, mango also called as super fruit. Of course, these benefits will we get if mangoes are consumed on a regular basis either in raw or ripe condition.

    There are hundreds of mangoes types in the world with a variety of colors ranging from green, yellow, orange, red, or a combination. Although raw mangoes usually green, but the coloring is not always an indicator of the ripe fruit. Mangoes thought to have originated from around the Indian border with Burma, then spread to Southeast Asia at least since 1500 years ago. 

    Calories in mango & nutrition facts

    Mango is low calories fruit, because in a cup pieces of mango (about 165 gr) contained 99 calories or equal to 414 kJ. To burn those calories you only need to swim for 8 minutes, or if you prefer cycling, then you can burn those calories by cycling for 15 minutes.

    As stated above, mango fruit contains less calories and fat. Fat contained in mango fruit is monounsaturated fat, which is a good fat that will destroy cholesterol and very good for heart health. The highest mango nutrition is vitamin C, because in every 100 gr contained 27.7 mg that meet the needs of RDA about 46% (based on USDA National Nutrient data base). 

    In addition to functioning as an antioxidant, vitamin C also has the function of maintaining health and stimulate the capillary vessels, healthy teeth and gums. It helps the absorption of iron and can inhibit the production of natrosamin, a cancer-triggering substances. Vitamin C can also make connective tissue remains normal and help the healing of wounds.

    Another vitamins contained in mango such as vitamin A, E, K, thiamin, riboflavin, folates and so on. You will also get minerals in a mango, for details each nutritional value, you can read below.

    Mango nutritional value per 100 g 
    Source : USDA Nutrient data base

     Energy : 60 Kcal
    Carbohydrates : 14.98 g
    Protein : 0.82 g
    Total Fat : 0.38 g
    Dietary Fiber : 1.6 g 
     Water : 83.46 g 
     Total sugar : 13.66 g 

     Folates : 43 µg 
     Niacin : 0.669 mg 
     Riboflavin : 0.038 mg 
     Thiamin : 0.028 mg 
     Vitamin A : 1082 IU 
     Pyridoxine : 0.119 mg 
     Vitamin C : 36.4 mg 
     Vitamin D : 0 IU 
     Vitamin E : 0.90 mg 
     Vitamin K : 4.2 µg 

     Calcium : 11 mg 
     Iron : 0.16 mg 
     Magnesium : 10 mg 
     Phosphorus : 14 mg 
     Zinc : 0.09 mg 
     Sodium : 1 mg 
     Potassium : 168 mg 

     Saturated fatty acids : 0.092 g 
     Monounsaturated fatty acids : 0.140 g 
     Polyunsaturated fatty acids : 0.071 g 
     Cholesterol : 0

    11 superb health benefits of mango

    1. As an antioxidant
    Mango fruit has a high content of vitamin C as an antioxidant, so it can counteract free radicals. In addition, mangoes also contain beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a substance that is later converted into vitamin A in the body. This vitamin is good for eye health. With vitamins that are antioxidants, the mango can protect the body from cancer.

    2. As an energy source
    Mangoes contain sugar sucrose which makes mango is sweet. With the sugar content, mango fruit is a source of energy for the body. Although the sugar content in mango is not much, mango can be consumed as an energy boost. Ripe mangoes has more sucrose than raw mangoes, so it has a higher energy when compared to the raw mango.

    3. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums
    In addition to functioning as an antioxidant, vitamin C in the mango also maintaining healthy blood capillaries, teeth and gums. It helps the absorption of iron and can inhibit the production of natrosamin or cancer-triggering substances. Vitamin C is also able to help the healing of wounds.

    4. Assist the process of digestion
    Benefits of mango fruit in helping the process of digestion due to high fiber content. This fiber can prevent constipation. In addition, the mango fruit also contains digestive enzymes that help process protein breakdown and can also soothe the stomach by preventing acidity excess.

    5. Prevent Cancer
    Research has shown antioxidant compounds in mango fruit has the ability to protect against cancer of the colon, breast, leukemia and prostate. These compounds include quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, fisetin, gallic acid and methylgallat, as well as the abundant enzymes.

    6. Lowers the risk of stroke
    Mango contains potassium which can reduce the risk of stroke. Potassium is a substance that serves to activate muscle contractions, increased heart rate regularity and helps blood pressure. Consume enough potassium can help reduce the effects of sodium in raising blood pressure and may reduce the risk of stroke.

    7. Preventing Heart Disease
    Mango is an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin E, and selenium which help protect against heart disease. Mango fruit is also rich in vitamin B6, which plays a role in preventing heart disease by lowering homocysteine ​​levels (Homocysteine ​​is an amino acid in the blood that damages the lining of blood vessels).

    8. Lowering Blood Pressure
    Due to the mango potassium content, may assist in regulating blood pressure levels. Therefore, eating a mango on a regular basis can help lower blood pressure.

    9. Improve memory
    In mangoes contain sufficient acid glutamine. This compound is able to assist you in improving memory.

    10. Making better quality of the marital relationship
    Vitamin E is contained in mango fruit can improve the quality of the marital relationship and also increase the fertility of the reproductive organs.

    11. Healthy eyes
    Vitamin A contained in mango, 255 meet the daily needs of our bodies and according to some research by consuming mango fruit regularly can reduce the risk of night blindness.

    Above are just few of mangoes health benefits, because there are also benefits for beauty. There is also a hidden reason why do pregnant women like to eat young / raw mangoes. Because young mango can help reduce the intensity and frequency to minimize nausea. If you regularly consume raw mango, nausea can be lost in total.
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