Several Tips How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Its very annoying when you eat there are few fruit flies flying around your dishes, even you have wave your hand to get rid of them, they will back again! Not only that, they are also flying around kitchen and almost every corner of our house. Fruit flies number will increase when the rainy season, this is the reason why a lot of disease spread a lot in this season. Because, fruit flies spread it! Flies usually perch on food, either in the kitchen or anywhere. Therefore, to minimize the flies come, try to always cover food.
There are several alternative ways to repel flies, which is a natural way using natural fragrances from plants. Here are some plants to repel flies:

Addition can be used to repel mosquitoes, apparently Lavender flowers can also be used to repel flies. We can put a few sprigs of lavender flowers in the house, to repel flies. In addition to repel flies, lavender flowers also enhance the look of the room.
Prepare some lemons, sliced ​​into four pieces lengthwise. Plug the 12 clubs dry on each piece. Put on a plate and place it on both ends of the table. Flies can detect the scent of lemons and cloves aroma of spices. This sharp aroma blend that serves as a good insect repellent.
Cloves are also able to repel flies by soaking in a bowl of water. Then place the cloves before immersion in a lot of flies.
To sharpen the clove scented so more effectively repel flies, prepare an apple is ripe. Fill the entire surface of the apple with cloves, by clove flowers sticking to the surface of the skin of apples. Then place the apples are already covered the clove on the dining table or a lot of flies.

Tips to prevent fruit flies

  • Do not leave the rest of the fruit on your dining table or kitchen. Should be immediately eaten, discarded or refrigerated. Cut parts are not fresh or damaged which may contain fly larvae or eggs.
  • Trash in the basket is a food source and a potential breeding ground for fruit flies. The bin should have a lid to keep out fruit flies. The outside of the basket must be kept clean, and spills on or around the bins must be cleaned.
  • Once the fruit fly females lay eggs, they will hatch into larvae within 24 to 48 hours. Bins should be emptied and cleaned every day.
  • Plates should be cleaned immediately after use, or at least stacked in the sink in a closed state.
  • Make sure your kitchen counter and floor in clean condition
  • Sometimes fruit flies will breed in drains in the sink for example. Clean lines thoroughly to prevent fruit flies from breeding in the channel.
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