What Is The Impact of Minerals Deficiency in the Body?

If the body has a mineral deficiency, then the body will not be able to build body tissues, muscles are unable to contract, becomes impaired nerve function, blood clotting, body pH is not stable, your body can not get energy from food due to disruption of metabolic processes.

Not many people know the function of minerals and mineral deficiency diseases. In fact one of the minerals that are vital substances needed by the body to grow and develop. The body is a complex organism that has never stopped working. Therefore, our body needs energy in order to continue to function optimally. But the vital components needed by the body, is not produced naturally, but must be consumed in the daily diet. To speed up the metabolism to be healthy, it needs a balanced intake of minerals.

Calcium deficiency can cause rickets in children, meanwhile, calcium deficiency in adults, causing oesteomalasia (sort of rickets), tetany or convulsions also osteoporosis. In pregnant women and lactating mothers or elderly will lead to brittle bones. Men and women need each of 800 and 700 mg of calcium each day.

Phosphorus deficiency is rare, but if there be cause bone and muscle weakness and cramps, nausea arises, irregular heartbeat, bone pain, and anorexia. Magnesium intake recommendation for men are 230 mg and 200 mg for women. 

Although rarely afflict adults, most likely copper deficiency can cause a type of anemia, bone abnormalities, lung, and other tissues. Copper contained in meat, seafood, whole grains, and nuts. If the intake is less than 2 to 3 mg, it will cause some problems.

Selenium deficiency can lead to rickets disease, cancer and heart disease.

Iodine is required in small amounts, but very important role for the formation of hormones tirokein. For the elderly, the adequacy of iodine is not different from adults, which is 150 milligrams per day. The best source of iodine is iodized salt dopur, sea fish, food from the sea, and the plants grown in daerab near the sea. Iodine deficiency during pregnancy can cause a baby to be born into cretins (small and midget). Lack of iodine can cause less severe mental, children grow up to be an idiot and imbecile. Iodine deficiency in adults can cause thyroid disease.
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