Walnuts Nutrition & 5+ Health Benefits

Walnuts are often referred to as a super fruit because it has amazing health benefits. Highest walnuts nutrition are manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper and so on. A study from the Marshall University School of Medicine suggests that regular consumption of walnuts can lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase healthy cholesterol (HDL) in the body.

Walnuts are also known to contain high levels of polyphenols which are very high. This compound has long been recognized as one of the components that are anti-oxidants. It could fight the bad influence of free radicals which are found particularly in the urban areas. By eating walnuts, naturally you have protect your body from the bad influence of pollutants. Thus, you are indirectly protecting against cancer. In addition, by eating walnuts regularly, you also protect yourself from gallstone disease.

Walnut Nutrition Facts

Walnuts(Juglans regia)Nutritional value per 100 g
Source: USDA Nutrient data base

Energy : 618 kcal 
Carbohydrates : 9.91 g 
Protein : 24.06 g 
Total Fat : 59 g 
Dietary Fiber : 6.8 g 
Water : 4.56 g 
Total sugar : 1.1 g 

Folates : 31 µg 
Niacin : 0.47 mg 
Riboflavin : 0.13 mg 
Thiamin : 0.057 mg 
Vitamin A : 40 IU 
Pyridoxine : 0.583 mg 
Vitamin C : 1.7 mg 
Vitamin D : 0 IU 
Vitamin E : 1.8 mg 
Vitamin K : 2.7 µg 

Calcium : 61 mg 
Iron : 3.12 mg 
Magnesium : 201 mg 
Phosphorus : 513 mg 
Zinc : 3.37 mg 
Sodium : 2 mg 
Potassium : 523 mg 

Saturated fatty acids : 3.368 g 
Monounsaturated fatty acids : 15.004 g 
Polyunsaturated fatty acids : 35.077 g 
Cholesterol : 0

Walnuts Health Benefits

  1. Preventing cancer: Walnuts to be one healthy nut that can help in the prevention of cancer in a natural way. Antioxidants contained in it is very good for preventing cancer cell formation. Walnuts good for the prevention of breast and prostate cancer.

  2. Maintaining heart health: Walnuts improve blood vessel elasticity and plaque accumulation. Therefore, it can reduce the chance of heart disease. Walnuts also significantly reduce the levels of cholesterol in our body. One type of nuts are healthy for our heart as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. People who have a cholesterol problem, should consume this  healthy nuts into their diet to reduce the risk of stroke.

  3. Controlling diabetes: Walnuts can improve endothelial function in the human body which dilates blood vessels and reduces the metabolic syndrome. This helps to control diabetes.

  4. Rich in vitamin E and protein: Walnuts are a source of vitamin E and protein. With a high content of protein, walnuts are considered as a healthy substitute for meat. So if you are a vegetarian, you can eat walnuts to get enough protein.

  5. Lose weight: Walnuts are healthy nuts that reduce cholesterol in your blood and increase bowel movements. Thus helps in better digestion and burn more calories. Thereby, you can lose weight easily by eating 2-3 almonds every day.

It also said that walnuts are very good at making you sleep soundly. They release a hormone called melatonin, which causes the body to relax. So, put walnuts into your menu to get walnuts health benefits.
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Writen by: Fame Nikita - Monday, March 11, 2013