Unusual Natural Sore Throat Remedies At Home

Sore throat is a disease that can attack anyone, especially for those who doesn't in good condition or in bad immune system. If you get the disease, it could be an early indication of the flu (cough and cold), which begins with fever and pain in the throat, even to eat and drink, causing sore throat swallowing disorders and loss of appetite and drinking. But don't be worry, there are several sore throat remedies that we can do at home using natural ingredients from our kitchen. 

A sore throat caused by a bacterium or virus, that irritate the mucus membranes in the throat, in this case could be caused by dust, weather changes, smoke, toothpaste or infection of the gums, chronic cough, often shouting in the long term, and other diseases factors. A sore throat can also indicate someone is having an inflammatory disease of tonsils or swollen glands.

Sore throat remedies using natural ingredients

The most popular natural remedies to get rid of sore throat such as gargling with salt in warm water and drink warm ginger beverages. But now, we will give you unusual treatment that might be you never heard about it before.

First herbal potion
- 4 cinnamon sticks
- 8 shells Buah Mahkota Dewa (you can search at en.wikipedia)
- Lemon
- Ginger
- 400 cc of water.
How to make potions:
Boil all the ingredients that you have prepared. After a cold or warm, take the water and pour it in a glass. Add juice of 1/2 - 1 orange juice in a glass. To add a delicious taste add sugar.

Second herbal potion
- Fresh bilimbi flower. ( bilimbi aka averrhoa bilimbi, cucumber tree, or tree sorrel)
- 1 handful of fennel fruit taste.
- A quarter cup of water.
- Sugar cubes to taste.
How to mix and use: crushed by then drink 2 times at morning and afternoon, 2 tbsp each drink.

We believe, it's very hard to get some of ingredients above, so below you can try another simple and easy sore throat remedies that generally use by people all around the world.

Chicken soup
Apparently chicken soup acts as an anti inflammatory and prevents the virus enters the body. Add carrots, celery, turnips, sweet potatoes and garlic in chicken soup to add to usefulness.

Drinking lemon juice without sugar
Combine 2 tablespoons lemon juice (from 1/2 lemon) into a glass of warm water. Do not add sugar. Drink 2-3 times a day on an empty stomach in the state (about 30-60 minutes before meals).

Lemon juice with honey
A mixture of lemon and honey will soothe your sore throat well. These drinks can cool the throat and relieve pain while swallowing.

Get lozenges
Lozenges will stimulate the production of saliva, which can keep your throat moist. Lozenges different with candies that we usually found. Lozenges have antibacterial ingredients and more importantly to reduce throat pain.

Honey Ginger Tea or Tea
Honey ginger tea or tea can be a widely used to overcome a scratchy throat. Honey coats the throat and serves to prevent irritation.

The protein contained in eggs will help deal with the inflammation and pain in the throat. Make an omelette, and remember not to add any seasoning to it. However, you should only use egg whites only.

Oatmel rich in fiber will help in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. The food is a mainstay for people in the diet has a protein content that is useful to recover the body. Add bananas or honey in a bowl of oatmeal.

Boiled carrots
Carrots can cure your sore throat with nutrients in it, but they should be steamed or boiled first. Raw carrots will only aggravate a sore throat because the texture is not soft. In addition, carrots are also full of nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber and potassium.

Common sage
Common sage or garden sage in latin name called Salivia officinalis has been used as a medicinal herb since ancient sore throat. Sage rich in oxygen content, flavonoids and phenolic acids can be added in a cup of hot tea.

From various sore throat remedies above, some works but sometimes does not work, it depends on your sore throat condition. If your sore throat is not well soon, you should go to the doctor to get intensive check. The best step is prevent it by improving your immune system with vitamin C consumption, take enough exercise, balanced nutrition and avoid eating too much foods and beverages that can trigger sore throat such as spicy foods, dairy products, alcohol, caffeine and so on.

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