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    Tuesday, March 12, 2013

    Extraordinary Health Benefits Of Peaches & Nutrition Facts

    Nutrition in peaches has health benefits for antioxidants, even its content not as much as other fruits such bananas. Calories in raw peach every 100 gr is 39 calories, not as much as in peach pie which reach 223 calories.

    Peach has anti-aging properties, increase immunity and help remove toxins from the body. Peach is also rich in fiber, vitamins A, B, C, and E.

    Peach is believed may helps to prevent obesity, which can lead to heart disease and diabetes. According to a study in California, phenolic compounds in peaches has anti-obesity properties. It also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic and can reduce the amount of LDL (bad cholesterol), which can lead to heart disease.

    Based on the results of laboratory tests, this fruit can kill breast cancer cells. In testing involves some patients with breast cancer and given a peach and plum extracts. Cancer cells can be reduced and the respondent returned to normal. 

    And before you read peaches health benefits, it would be better if you should read peaches nutrition facts below.

    Peaches Nutrition Facts

    (Peach (Prunus persica) nutritional value data based on USDA Nutrient database.)
    Water : 88.87 g
    Energy : 39 Kcal
    Carbohydrates : 9.54 g
    Protein : 0.91 g
    Total lipid (fat) : 0.25 g
    Cholesterol : 0 mg
    Dietary Fiber : 1.5 g
    Total sugars : 8.39 g


    • Folates : 4 µg
    • Niacin : 0.806 mg
    • Pantothenic acid : 0.153 mg
    • Pyridoxine : 0.025 mg
    • Riboflavin : 0.031 mg
    • Thiamin : 0.024 mg
    • Vitamin A : 326 IU
    • Vitamin B-6 : 0.025 mg
    • Vitamin C : 6.6 mg
    • Vitamin E : 0.73 mg
    • Vitamin K : 2.6 µg


    • Calcium : 6 mg
    • Iron : 0.25 mg
    • Magnesium : 9 mg
    • Phosphorus : 11 mg
    • Zinc : 0.17 mg
    • Sodium : 0 mg
    • Potassium : 190 mg


    • Carotene-ß : 162 µg
    • Crypto-xanthin-ß : 67 µg
    • Lutein-zeaxanthin : 91 µg


    • Saturated fatty acids : 0.019 g
    • Monounsaturated fatty acids : 0.067 g
    • Polyunsaturated fatty acids : 0.086 g
    • Cholesterol : 0 mg

    Peach Health Benefits

    1. Antioxidants
    Peaches contain a lot of antioxidants, especially chlorogenic acid which makes it more healthy. This types of antioxidants is largely concentrated in the peaches skin and flesh. This substance can protect the body from diseases such as cancer and chronic problems. Chlorogenic acids also reduce inflammation and control the body's aging process.

    2. Cleaning the organs in the body
    In China, peach tea is used as a kidney cleanser and detoxification. Because it has a high content of potassium and fiber, this fruit can reduce heartburn, inflammation, and kidney disease.

    3. Controlling weight
    Peaches low in fat and calories, it also does not increase blood sugar levels or insulin. Because the sweetness of the peaches come from natural sugars.

    4. Source of nutrition
    Peaches is food source of calcium, fiber, potassium ,carbohydrates, vitamins and folic acid. This fruit also has vitamins A, K, C, and E.

    5. Healthy eyes
    The peach is a source of food rich in beta carotene can increase blood circulation throughout the body.

    6. Good for the skin
    Vitamin C in peaches is an essential ingredient for skin health. In addition to health benefits, peaches also known as natural beauty products. In fact, in a peach vitamins can reduce the formation of fine lines or wrinkles on the skin.
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