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List Of High Purine Foods That Should Avoided By Gout Sufferers

People who have gout disease, should avoid foods high in purines. If it does not comply with these regulations, then certainly the disease will recur. Gout or feels pain in the joints was so painful and disturbing for the sufferer. Gout attacks can happen to anyone and can occur both in a matter of months or days. Men who are obese / obesity is a group of people who are at high risk of gout.

Most foods high in purine are meats, such as beef, liver, turkey and some fish. However, there are some vegetables that are high in purines and will lead to an increase in the amount of uric acid in the body. Uric acid will crystallize and accumulate in the joints, causing inflammation (inflammation) and swelling are signs and symptoms of gout classic. The medical term for too much uric acid in the blood stream is hyperuricemia.

To reduce pain, many gout patients consuming medical drugs purchased at pharmacies. But keep in mind, these drugs may lead to impaired kidney function. So the easiest way to treat gout is to avoid food restrictions and conduct a healthier lifestyle, such as regular exercise, especially for the elderly.

In general, vegetables have a very useful role for health, but for the case of uric acid there are some vegetables that need to be avoided, such as: 
  1. Spinach: Spinach is a leafy green vegetable that is high in iron, vitamin C, luteins, beta-carotene and flavonoids. Unfortunately for those who suffer from gout or uric acid, spinach is one vegetable that should be avoided because of the high purine content. Spinach has 57 g of purine for every 100 g of spinach. 

  2. Asparagus: Asparagus is high in folate and potassium and can be eaten either hot or cold, after it is cooked. Asparagus is also one vegetable that should be avoided for gout sufferers, because of the high purine content that is 23 g per 100 g of asparagus.

  3. Cauliflower: Cauliflower is often served in a mixture of vegetables or as a side dish. Cauliflower is also included in the list of vegetables that contain high amounts of purine. Purines in cauliflower is 51 g per 100 g cauliflower. 

  4. Mushrooms: In every 100 gr of mushrooms contain 17-92 g of purines. It is on the list of vegetables that should be avoided if you are trying to limit the amount of uric acid.
For a complete list of high purine food, please read the following table:

List of high purine foods
Uric acid
Theobromine (chocolate caffeine) 2300
Spleen sheep / goats 773
Beef liver 554
Sardines 480
Mushrooms 448
Cow spleen 444
Gnetum gnemon leaves 366
Cow lung 339
Kale, Spinach 290
Bovine kidney 269
Beef heart 256
Chicken liver 243
Sheep/goats heart 241
Anchovy 239
Shrimp 234
Gnetum gnemon seeds 222
Horse meat 200
Soy and nuts 190
Chicken breast with skin 175
Chicken meat 169
Goose meat 165
Beef tongue 160
Snapper fish 160
Tempeh 141
Duck meat 138
Shellfish 136
Lobster 118
Tofu 108

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